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    Hacking Sky3ds or gateway

    Hey. Sorry if this is the wrong place. I'm in Japan right now until monday and I'm looking to buy the card. Any local can tell me where? I tried akihabara but I don't know where.
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    Hacking updating wii

    Hi guys, my wii is already modded and how can i get a list of what's preinstalled on my wii so i can update stuff?
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    Hacking metroid m-wierd freeze

    Hi, hope you guys can help. I'm getting a freeze at Section 1. go to 11:08...right when i enter the room...he keeps running....and i'm unable to go to the save bec ause I loose control on him via wii remote and nothing responds Running Latest...
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    Hacking help from softmod 4.1u to 4.2

    Hi, noob here, I just followed and part 2 of this and now my 4.1U is all setup. i just want to update to 4.2 for Super Mario galaxy 2, i was reading and i found out all i need is to install that it? Sorry in advance, just a...
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    Hacking game freezes

    Hi guys, i'm playing thru Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness on my DSTT and i'm just starting ch.17..and then it goes thru the story for like a min and then freezes. (for those who played this: the part when you come back from the past and u first visit the guild and when they...
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    Hacking jump star english patch

    tried to use the patch on a new untrimmed rom..followed instructions carefully..and i turn it on..loads...and "white screen" is it compatible? or do i still have to DIDI(?) it?
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