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  1. F3NR1S

    Homebrew CtrHexen II

    So after reading the original release pages again, I realized that removing or renaming the dsp file from the 3ds folder returns sfx to the game, but obviously removes all sound from other games.What I’d like to know is if there’s a way to change Hexen IIs code so it doesn’t find the dsp file in...
  2. F3NR1S

    Gaming [Question] Smash Bros. 3DS

    I’d like to know the risks of playing a Smash 3DS game cart with cia provided dlc, Could I get banned because of Nintendo’s server “handshake”?
  3. F3NR1S

    Homebrew [HELP] Broken 3DS system transfer

    I’m waiting for the R4 to hackmy n2ds xl, but what I’d like to know is if I can transfer everything from my old SD Card (including nnid) to the new card
  4. F3NR1S

    ROM Hack [REQUEST] BootNTR codes for spyhunter 3ds

    I've looked everywhere but can only find plugins with the max money code what I really want is an all paintjobs code since I don't know anyone else with this game
  5. F3NR1S

    Gaming FE:Awakening help please

    I've been playing awakening for a while and during that damn Aversa recruitment paralogue I used cheats, the problem came when I chose to use the infinite turn cheat. The cheat worked perfectly, what happened after was my fault. I decided to pair up my characters, but do to the cheat they paired...
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