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    Homebrew Can TwilightMenu++ running Pokémon Platinum connect to Pokémon Battle Revolution?

    I've been trying to generate some Pokémon to use in Battle Revolution. However, I can't seem to copy any Pokémon. It doesn't work with my R4 SDHC flashcard, and it doesn't work with TwilightMenu. Is it at all possible?
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    Hacking Can an R4 SDHC running Pokémon Platinum connect to Pokémon Battle Revolution at all?

    I'm trying to gen some Pokémon to use in Battle Revolution, but whenever I try to connect to my Wii, my DSi just gets a white screen and doesn't do anything. I've double-checked that both games are from the US, but no luck. I'm thinking the problem is that my DSi recognizes that Pokémon Platinum...
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    [N64] Can you write Pokémon save files and ROMs to a Transfer Pak in real life?

    I recently bought an old Nintendo 64 and Pokémon Stadium, and I want to be able to use perfect Pokémon in the game. However, I don't have the patience to raise the ~10 Pokémon I want. Therefore, I'd like to cheat them in. I don't exactly know if there's some kind of adapter for a Transfer Pak...
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