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    Homebrew Question- How to avoid the ban?

    (I do not know if the question has already been answered and if so I apologize) I would like to know how to avoid the ban with the latest update that has protection.I would like to know if I can separate my nintendo account from my 3ds and if I would have the following condition: 1.Is it...
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    Hacking what is the power of linux on Nintendo switch

    everything is in the title please i want to know because i can not find on google and i'm curious if i could play games like cuphead
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    Hardware Can the Nyko Recharger break Nintendo Switch?

    all in title
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    Hacking one can be 5.0.0 soon on switch so this link shows a future update soon, so if you have any solution to block the update on 4.1.0 with a DNS or other I would like to know thank you.
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    Emulation hyrule warriors cheat

    hello i'm looking for a cheat with cemu that could make the swap weapon. I have to try with memory searcher but I can not find how. Thank you for your help
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    Homebrew a possibility to make a N64 emulator?

    Hi I was looking for a N64 emulator on the internet when I saw that with haxchi it was possible on the mini nes with the emulator glupen64 ... so with an emulator nes on 3ds its possible?
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    Homebrew screen red with Thenaya

    Hi, I have a problem with thenaya that I do not understand the cause that is that when I start the homebrew version launcher the screen always finished red. However, I did the file "amiibo" and "amiibo_keys.bin" (also I can not use the CIA version). Thank you for your reply.
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    Homebrew Request for R4

    On le sait tout Nintendo est un pro dans le ban . Les R4i pour joué des jeux nds ne marche pas sauf avec Boot9strap. Donc je voulais savoir si sa serait possible de pouvoir démarer avec homebrew launcher les cartes R4 pour ne pas installer Boot9strap et se faire bannir.
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    Hacking Sugestion hack amiibo

    Hello, I wanted to know if we can connect our PC to a Nintendo switch. Why? Because I do not have a phone with nfc. So if anyone can tell me if a computer can connect to a nintendo switch and make a free amiibo emulator its would be great. I think it could work because you can connect a joy con...
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    Hacking adobe flash player

    Hello I wanted to know the hack of the switch with fiddler if its could be possible to put on the internet browser adobe flash player
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    Hacking R4i on 11.4

    Hi there I am noob T_T for the hack I have a problem with my simple R4i sdhc card and it is to make it work on my new 3ds 11.4 because if I start it the screen is black and shit text. Also, I have no mean To use hbl because i could just use smashbroshax because i have demo special but i do not...
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    Homebrew fuck file c and h

    Hello, I'm trying to use ssbhax everything is fine but its ... Https:// is to know what to do with files c and h because I want to use the hax but also to help on a windows computer 7 x86 thank you
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