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    Noob receives uses xbox with evolution X

    Hi, I just purchased an original Xbox, which has been already hacked. But I have some several questions since I've never own an og xbox before. It has evolution X +3935, must be old af I bet, is there any way to update it? Is there any guide available for knowing evolution x usage? Is evolution...
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    PS1/2 PS1 Fat after desoldering modchip and reinstalling one newer, laser doesn't work anymore

    Today I just picked up psones for checking, I desoldered one modchip that had one of the psones, i desoldered the one that came on my PS1 Fat which never worked since I bought it, the guy who soldered the modchip on the PS1 fat wasn't the correct one, I soldered correctly for the 750X one, after...
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    Corrupted Super Mario Bros Deluxe cartridge? (Not SRAM)

    Yep, exactly as the title says, I got today a copy of SMBD for the GBC, but I noticed today it's seems to be corrupted? Not all is corrupted tho, album, records, and toy box is corrupted as you can see on photos. I tried to clean the pins on the gameboy cartridge and still it's there the...
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    Hardware Xbox 360 with LT keeps freezing on logo after updating console

    Yup, I got a 360 again, but I updated the console and there was some issues with the dvd drive the original that had it was stuck and has lt 3.0, so I remplaced the one I had from my other 360 that was dead. After that I updated the console, and now backups and original discs doesn't work...
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    Hardware Wii does not connect to internet? (Error 51330)

    Hi, I cannot connect my Wii to internet, I want to connect it principally for updating the hacks on the wii and playing online, nothing else, but I always get 51330, even on a open-wireless point. Can someone help me?
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    Hardware Wii doesn't output av (av works) but component works

    Hi, I just found my Wii, I was testing it around and the av out doesn't work, composite works without any problem, i tried three different cables but i get the same result, the three are working, one I have connected to my Wii U for home theater. Is there any fix for this?
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    Hardware Xbox 360 three red lights

    Hi, I just cleaned and remplaced thermal paste for my 360, after applying thermal paste and assembly everything, I got three red lights, I don't know why. I did a research and it's due a hardware failure. I am not sure what to do, can someone help me? Before remplacing thermal paste worked. I've...
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    Hacking Question about 360 chip and updating

    Hi, I just bought a 360 Fat, and the seller said to me the 360 has LT 3.0, runs original games and backup games without problems. I want to play online and update this Xbox, is there any risk of ban or the chip is going to be deleted? Has 2.0.17559.0 Interface, I am new hacking on 360, it's my...
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