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    China - Taiwan conflict

    So probably many of you have heard about this decades-long conflict between China (PRC) and Taiwan (ROC). There have been quite a lot of threats from the PRC side, even causing armed conflict in the past (three Taiwan Strait crisis events). China's violence towards Taiwan never really stopped...
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    Gaming LittleBigPlanet 1, 2, 3 (PS3) servers have shut down.

    This is the end of an era, gamers. :( The online servers for probably one of the most amazing series have been shut down today... I personally spent a lot of time playing the shit out of LBP2, both online and story modes. I still have the disc with me that I forgot to bundle in when selling my...
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    funny furu man's art

    I promised an art thread - here it is :D most of this stuff is already either on my NG or Carrd page. This thread will be regularly updated for art status. May also post new stuff here :eyes: STATUS: - I DO NOT DO FREE REQUESTS - I DO PAID COMMISSIONS some of examples:
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    Translation My honest thoughts on GBATemp commuinty (read before posting)

    I am not a GBATemp-phobe If you wanna be a GBATemp member, that's completely fine, let games be played. As gaming is eternal. However I have some serious issues with the community Allow me to discuss. Now I have some friends who use GBATemp. However, they're always talking about GBATemp. I mean...
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    Gaming Underappreciated Pokemon Sun/Moon pokes

    Hey, just lately started playing Pokemon Sun again (in contrast to my first play being Moon :D) and I've come to the conclusion that I'm about to head to my first trial but still have no 2nd Pokemon... Do you have any suggestions on what pokes should I catch? You can also post your...
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    Gaming How do 3DS games' word blocklists work?

    Hi, I've been playing bunch of 3DS games recently, and noticed one funny thing. In Tomodachi Life I can type in every single offensive word in existence, but when it comes to, say, Pokemon X, some words are blocked (for a right or not reason) Does every game have its own word blocklist? (fyi...
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    - A new user has appeared -

    Hello there :creep: I am Furuhoop (he/him), I used to look here for some basic tutorials (buuut, that was far from regular activity, so I'm new?) To be fair, I don't think I will be useful for the forums - given I'm not someone who can work on homebrew stuff - I'm just a gamer. Unless...
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