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    Xbox 360 gets the RRoD at GDC

    So, for those of you who don't know, currently on-going is GDC (Game Developers Conference) in SF and apparently one of the 360 demo units got the RRoD during the event, which I find pretty amusing.
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    Mass Effect coming to PCs

    As the topic title says... At last we'll be able to experience the game without having the frame rate drop to 15 fps in every firefight with more than four enemies on screen. *throws eggs at cubin'*
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    CoD5 will be WWII

    ... or at least it might: Regression at its finest; I'm so damn tired of WWII-themed games. WWII is boring and bland; it's the perfect target if you want to make a stereotype "good vs. evil"-thing. Treyarch - ruining the Call of Duty...
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    In before Final Fantasy's 20th anniversary

    Aight, so in three some weeks the Final Fantasy series turns 20, at least if go by the Japanese release date. I can't say I'm approaching this occurrence with joy bearing in mind all the mandatory fanboy wanking that is bound to happen; it makes some part of me despair that people can hype these...
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    Games that will never be made

    So, another one of these time wasters... post ideas for games that'll never be made. Here goes mine: A WWII shooter played from a nazi perspective - killing allied troops wouldn't go well along with a major part of the target audience for games in the west. If done well it would also confront...
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    Gaming PW4 to be released in "early 2008"

    Yeah, so right off the heels of PW3 we get PW4 (or Ace Attorney 4, whichever you prefer) in early 2008. I think this is fantastic news, even though we'll only have had the previous game for a couple of months when this is released.
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    Japanese RPGs aren't RPGs

    I'm of the opinion that japanese RPGs shouldn't be called RPGs as they lack the most basic fundamental property of a role-playing game - the ability to role-play. Your character is essentially static, save for combat stats and equipment, but there's no way for you to influence the character...
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    CoD4 or GoW?

    Yeah, so both of these titles hit PC last night and I'm contemplating which to play over the coming few days. I'm pretty busy (I study and work part-time) so I'll only have time for one of them. Which one would you who've played these games on 360 or whatever say is the most entertaining to play?
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    Splinter Gear Solid 4?

    Here's one of the new gameplay trailers for MGS4: Is it just me, or does it play a lot like Splinter Cell? The camera is essentially the same, for one. Previous Metal Gear Solid games have kinda forced the topdown view which has been all from a...
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    The SKU circus

    One of the things that has held me off buying one of the so-called next-gen consoles (PS3, 360) is what I'd like to call the SKU circus. SKU stands, for the uninitiated, for Stock Keeping Unit and is (quoting wikipedia) "a unique identifier for each of the distinct products and services that can...
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    Sony begs 3rd-parties not to jump ship "The HD era really only starts when we are on the market." - Phil Harrison, SCEE Where is your god now?
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    EA purchases Bioware Anyone remember what they did to Westwood (edit: or Origin, for those who remember them) after picking them up? One of the most respected development studios (at the time) was...
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    Gaming Halo DS

    So apparently, this game did exist at some point and it wasn't homebrew... at least if you're willing to trust IGN. There are some videos of it in action over here: Looks and plays fairly well from what I could tell - the frame rate seems to be...
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    Halo 3 makes US $170M in its first day I felt a disturbance... as if a million PS3 fanboys cried out in horror... and were suddenly silenced.
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    Make controversial comparisons

    Borrowed this idea from another forum I frequent. So yeah, ITT we make controversial (video game-related) comparisons (out of your own opinion, preferably). I'll start: Doom 3 was a better game than Half-Life 2. Any western RPG > any japanese RPG as far as gameplay goes. Now you go.
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    Cannon Fodder theme played on game controllers

    This thing fucking rules: Pretty high geek factor, i.e. goes well in hand with me.
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    Gaming It's out

    Pokemon_Pearl_USA_NDS-LGC Pokemon_Diamond_USA_NDS-LGC Go, go, go!
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    We present a special presentation YOU WILL SEE SUCH PRETTY THINGS...
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    ... everything felt pointless. (worst post ever, but this is a spam forum)
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    Hacking Statistics regarding compatibility

    Right, yesterday night I wrote a (somewhat ugly) perl hack to mine data from the compatibility lists over at in order to calculate statistics as to the compatibility of the various flash kits which have compatibility lists over there. I've been somewhat curious as to the average...
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