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    Hacking Using Gecko Codes in Neek2o

    Hi everyone, recently I've purchased a Wii and finally got Rock Band 3 DLC working, but there is a problem - the game has a song limit of 1000. Apparently there is a gecko code, which I found in this dolphin tutorial. Is there a way to use gecko codes in SNEEK/UNEEK+DI? How can I properly use...
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    Hacking vWii UNEEK+DI can't see games

    Right now I am very close to playing Guitar Hero WOT DLC on a real console, but I got stuck on the last step. So I've managed to compile kernel files successfully, and got UNEEK+DI to run on vWII. But no matter what game format and folder I used, driver interface show Games:0. Is there...
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    Hacking Problems with booting UNEEK on vWII

    So I've made: A NAND backup using FSTOOLBOX on my WiiU in Wii mode Compiled SNEEK files on PC without any problems Copied NAND backup on my pendrive (4gb, fat32, 16kb cluster) Made a "sneek" folder on pendrive and put kernel_usb.bin in it (renamed to kernel.bin) Copied SNEEK app on SDHC card...
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    Hacking Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock DLC on emunand

    So as the title goes, I have problems with installing DLC for Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock on my vWii. I have created dump of nand using usbloader gx, injected downloaded DLC using GHTools, but the game won’t see any installed DLC. I just don’t know what I’m missing here, because the game and...
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    Hacking NTR CFW Streaming WSACancelBlockingCall

    So I'm trying to stream on n3ds luma 11.1 via NTR CFW. I have ports 3000, 8000 and 8001 forwarded on my router. And whenever I try to "remoteplay" it gives me this: "Unable to read data from the transport connection: A blocking operation was interrupted by a call to WSACancelBlockingCall. Server...
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    Hardware problems with hardmodding 2ds

    So I'm doing exactly as in the yakaracolombia guide to hardmod. I've soldered 4 wired to the sd card adapter, but the problem is that 2ds boots regular set up, instead of blue screen with numbers What can cause the problem? I'm using regular transcend microsd adapter and asus k53sm card reader
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    Hacking Reliable flashcart seller

    Hi, I'm planning to buy a new sky3ds plus. After checking most of the reseller sites I found out that most of buyers had problems and had to make a refund. Can you advice some reliable sites with free worldwide shipping and fair prices?
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    Hacking Usb loader gx fu**** up

    I changed some minor option in Backup Manager and my usb loader gx on vWii stopped showing covers(but they are on sd card and it showed them before changing options) and it takes a lot of time to load the screen with "Play game" and "Game options" How to fix those problems? P.S I changed...
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    Hacking How to copy protected Wii saves to vWii?

    I used this guide to hack my vWii. Which program shall i use in order to copy protected Wii saves to vWii? Do I have to install some additional software on my vWii in order to do that? P.S. problem solved. If you want to copy protected saves from Wii to another Wii or WiiU, you have to instal...
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    Hacking Language problem

    I got a Sonic Riders Zero Gravity PAL Multi5 iso. If I'm running it on CFGLoader the game just shows black screen. If I'm running it on Uloader with default language feature the game runs, but on Spanish. How to solve this problem?
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