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    Hacking Animal Crossing freezes with cios rev10

    Yeah the game randomly freezes, it's kind piss off when you get a lot of stuff -___-
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    Hacking USB Loader GX

    This is the best GUI so far, but on 16x9 TVs, it looks really stretched x.x It would be great if widescreen support was added
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    Hacking Help Removing PreLoader on v4.0u?

    Thanks, its finally downloading, now i just gotta install
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    Hacking Help Removing PreLoader on v4.0u?

    I wanna do this but what's the title ID for the system menu 4.0u?
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    Hacking 4.0 + CiosCorp = A whole load of errors!

    Install Preloader and set the system menu IOS to 36. If that doesn't work, just set the system menu to IOS249.
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    Hacking Guide: NTFS/WBFS Dual Partition!

    Thanks, the guide worked great
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    Hacking Softmii v0.9

    Yeah, I thought I was the only one but it's everyone.
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    Hacking Softmii v0.9

    For the people that have preloader .26 installed, is the Wii able to be in standby mode?
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    Hacking PL 0.25 or 0.26

    Does anyone have preloader 0.26 working with standby mode?
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    Hacking PL 0.25 or 0.26

    I installed the system menu 289 wad (thats in the US btw.) and ran the preloader 0.25 installer. (Btw, This is my new account.)
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