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    Hacking Nintendont

    Does anyone know of a way to change or disable the "quit to loader" button combo?
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    Hacking Any way to force wii to display 720p?

    Games on 360 at a minimum render at 720p(a restriction set by Microsoft) with a few exceptions. (MW2 rendered at 600p, Gears of War was, if I'm not mistaken rendered out at full 1080p). As far as I know *everything* is 720p on the PS3. The Wii, however, hardware wise could potentially output at...
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    Hacking Error #002 when loading Sonic 4

    I'll double check. I don't think it was patched. EDIT: Fixed. I was using the wrong version of IOS56. Simple download from NUS and install... worked like a charm.
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    Hacking Error #002 when loading Sonic 4

    4.1U, cIOS38 rev17. I installed IOS56 as I was under the impression that Sonic 4 needed it (Sonic 4 would just reload the System Menu on launch without it). Now with it installed I get a #002 Error. No clue whats going on. Any ideas?
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    Hacking Downgrade from 4.2 to 4.0 WITHOUT Homebrew Channel?

    Downgrading is dangerous... just like throwing yourself into a gorilla pen is dangerous... (funny story behind that actually.)
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    Hacking HELP!! Downgraded IOS-36 on new Wii!!!!

    The problem likely was that your HBC was installed on IOS36, when you fudged with 36, you fudged with the HBC. You likely could have re-run the HackMii Installer via Bannerbomb to install the HBC to IOS61.
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    Hacking Issues installing cIOS249 rev16 on System Menu 4.2

    That is basically how I went about the update.
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    Hacking Issues installing cIOS249 rev16 on System Menu 4.2

    Uhh... don't tell me what I am seeing. I'm telling you its desyncing *THE VERY INSTANT* that the installer is run.
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    Hacking Issues installing cIOS249 rev16 on System Menu 4.2

    I've actually tried all of that already to no avail. Wad Manager Errors when trying to install or uninstall IOS249. Also the GCN Controller seems to have no control. I have not yet tried the other cIOS versions. Up until now I was only familiar with cIOS249.
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    Hacking Issues installing cIOS249 rev16 on System Menu 4.2

    Correct. The de-syncing occurs as soon as I run the installer from HBC.
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    Hacking Issues installing cIOS249 rev16 on System Menu 4.2

    Rev 14 installer desyncs the Wii-mote as well.
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    Hacking Issues installing cIOS249 rev16 on System Menu 4.2

    I recently assisted my friend in updating his system to 4.2. Obviously this removed a lot of the previous hacks including his older version of cIOS249. I know that 4.2 replaced 249 with a stub. I tried using Dop-IOS MOD to uninstall the stub, which apparently failed. I also tried using AnyTitle...
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    Hacking Battalion Wars II - not working anymore?

    I just tried loading it via USBLoaderCFG using cIOS 249 rev16. Worked fine. Try reburning it or using a USB drive.
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    Hacking Configurable USB Loader

    EDIT: I am a complete idiot.
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    Hacking ? triiforce + wbfs manager Channel maker + GC iso's ?

    I do not think the method you are proposing is feasible. The Wii's onboard memory is only 512MB. The problem is that GCN titles can't be loaded over USB.
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    Hacking Memorex DVD-R's not working

    I've had excellent luck with my Sony DVD +R and -R's.
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    Hacking New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    What is the disc update included in the retail copy? I'm on 4.1U and I kinda don't want to be forced to 4.2.
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    Hacking Bricked a Wii. Where did I go wrong?

    This is why if you must update the firmware, do it through Nintendo. These firmware updaters are risky. There is nothing you can do on 4.1 that you can't do on 4.2.
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    Hacking Risks of ciosCORP ?

    The risks outweigh the benefits, in my Opinion. A backup launcher does everything it really needs to. cIOSCORP is an unnecessary risk. To quote the HackMii guys "Some idiot decided to..." etc.
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