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    Hacking Help, version 9.90

    Hi all. I'm trying to update my newly bought second-hand psp to 6.20 PRo-B-4 permanent, but whenever I try to update I get the error that my version is 9.90 already. I tried mounting flash0, but instead I just get the memory stick in recovery. Any help? Greetings, Jelmew Edit: Gen recovery...
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    Gaming Best thing to do?

    Hi guys. I'm getting a hackable psp slim soon that is already hacked. Now my question is, where to go from here. Do I want to update to the latest custom-firm-ware, which option is the best and how do I get there. Is the sticky tutorial outdated in this forum or is there a better forum with a...
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    Hardware quickly rotating items on screen

    Hi tempers, Here is a longtime lurker that reeds your advice. Name about this weird issue. In my ds3 home menu on the top screen, everything starts to rotate ridiculously quick, is this a consequense or an indication of something. I'm thinking it can't be normal. Greetings, jelmew Edit: now...
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    Gaming Cluster size

    Hi everyone. I have a 1 tb fat32 drive which I use for my wii. Now when I formatted it, I had set the cluster size to 64 kb. Now I wanted to make the drive primary and change the cluster size to 32 kb. However, EASEUs partition doesn't allow these options. Under the resize/move operation, the...
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    Hacking Cboot2 and bootmii ios

    Hi everyone. I have a short question relating to the trucha bug. When nintendo starts pushing out stubs on the korean ios places, we'll lose that option to restore the trucha-bug. Now i know a very little about cboot2 and I was wondering whether cboot2 could work on a brand new wii using the...
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    Hacking Dsi cartridge problem

    Hi all. I would be grateful if some people could give insight on this problem. I have an dsi that is now 1.2 years old and has problems reading cartridges, both retail and flashcarts. It started some months ago, games would just freeze sometimes, saves got corrupted and when rebooting the dsi...
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    Hacking Ez-vi contact issue

    Hello Everyone I have an EZ-Vi which has some contact issues in my dsi. Because of that, games often freeze and crash because the cartridge looses contact. Now I know of the papertrick, but the external one doesn't work. So I want to apply paper under the contacts. How do I do such a thing with...
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    Hacking Sneek not working on first install, any thoughts?

    Hi all Last night I tried to get sneek working, however something went wrong and I don't know where it went wrong. I thought I followed the instructions from the guide on this forum clear enough. I used Crediar's Sneek installer to make a seperate sneek and a sneek DI (I noticed the installer...
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    Hacking Guitar hero shop empty after region changing shop code

    Hi all I recently deleted my wii shop account and changed to the us shop. The us shop now works fine, however the gh5/band hero stores come up empty. Who knows where it went wrong? Gr. Jelmew
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    Hacking Wad install error

    Hi all When trying to install the gh5 dlc and ghwt dlc wads from hairyballsagna, wad manager gives me an error 1022. Furthermore, the shop comes up empty. Any idea where things are going wrong? Edit: Normal wads install just fine. Edit2: Delete please, discussion is ongoing in another topic...
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    Non-credit card payment methods

    Hi all. Sorry for asking, I couldn't find this information while browsing shoptem. I was wondering what the non-credit card payment methods were. I live in europe and credit cards are not very common here. Gr. Jelmew
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    Hacking Logitech microphone not working

    Hi all I got a small problem, maybe you guys can help me out. Since installing IOS223[37]-v65535, my logitech microphone stays undetechted when loading games under any ios, including 223. Which is strange, because 223 is there to improve compatibility with usb-material. Anyone has an idea to...
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    Hacking Small question about IOS36

    Hi all. I recently softmodded the wii, correctly following the stickied guide, also downgrading IOS 15 and installing IOS 36 After being done I inserted some retail disc to see or they were still fully functional. De disc (I'll take wii sport resort as example) prompted me to update. Since I...
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    Hacking Installin bootmii and a sdhc-card

    Hi there, Quick question for you all. Yesterday I tried to install hbc and bootmii using the latest bannerbomb and hackmii package. (I'm on 4.2 btw). Installing hbc went flawless, furthermore, it indicated I had a vulnerable boot 1. But upon trying to install bootmii as boot2, it gave an error...
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    Hacking Cleaning Cartridge slot?

    Hi fellow Tempers I've recently encountered a problem with my 2 months old dsi. When playing on my ezflash, the game freezes and when rebooting the dsi you can clearly see that the cartridge isn't dectected. The problem probably lies in some contact problem. What is an efficient and non-harming...
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