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  1. qngelr

    Homebrew GameCube Virtual Console Menu not working?

    i’m playing Pikmin at the moment. i’m trying to map my right joystick as the Gamcube C stick and tapping the touch screen or ZR+ZL is supposed to bring up some Virtual Console menu? but i get this symbol when i tap the screen and the ZR ZL combo does nothing. so, how do i map the controls on my...
  2. qngelr

    Hacking CBHC running titles from home screen Sig patch question

    quick question - i have CBHC on my WiiU and installed WiiU, Wii, and Gamecube games to my home screen using WiiU USB Helper and WiiVC Injector, and before i run each title i go into Homebrew launcher in my home menu to run the Signature patcher, i do it to be safe but i was just wondering if i...
  3. qngelr

    Hardware WiiU HDD + power supply

    Just wanted to share the devices i’m using for my modded WiiU because installation is finally working smoothly for me together costed me about $50. didn’t notify me to format the hard drive in the home menu so i went to system settings to do it manually. i’ve tried a portable hard drive...
  4. qngelr

    Hardware is selling allowed on here?

    i have a modded and region-changed new 3ds xl that im trying to sell. but most selling sites flag down postings like that, i even got banned off a site for it. so am i allowed to sell here? is there a forum for selling consoles? my only other idea is to look for a subreddit to sell consoles if...
  5. qngelr

    Hacking is it really possible to do a region change and keep eShop?

    i am offering hacking services on eBay and came across this listing in particular, i messaged them asking how that’s possible and so far no response. is there really a way to region change and keep eShop...
  6. qngelr

    Hardware WiiU HDD/SSD recommendations

    title says it all. probably gonna get 1TB of storage. i need storage with a power supply supposedly? (that’s what i keep reading online but i can’t actually find any) i know WiiU is super picky so could really use the help choosing one. thanks
  7. qngelr

    Hacking Changed region, games won't load from cartridge

    I installed homebrew and changed the region from Japan to US for a customer using the latest guides, I was including in her order the Japanese version of Animal Crossing HHD, but it won't load when I try launching the game. Can games only be played when installed as .cias once the region is...
  8. qngelr

    Hardware 3ds custom theme help - "no body_LZ file" found

    hello, i am trying to test a custom 3ds theme I created, but i get the following error when I try to install it on my 3DS through anemone: I'll attach what my zip archive looks like to see if the error is there. the archive is in zip format, I used Usagi 3ds theme editor, which when...
  9. qngelr

    Hacking gateway and r4 compatibility

    has gateway bricked consoles using an r4 cart for ds games? or should i just stick with the blue gateway cart for ds games to be safe?
  10. qngelr

    Hacking gateway 3ds firmware on other flashcards?

    So I'm pretty new to modding, i've installed cfw on a few 3ds's and a wiiu and I just had a thought about gateway's firmware and r4 cards. i know nothing about code right now so i'm sorry if what I ask makes me sound like an idiot lol since gateway works by first running an exploit in ds mode...
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