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    Hacking Supercard Software problem - Windows 10

    Hi, I have this Supercard. I tried to install the software in my laptop. the software can run but the window is not full. does anybody experience this?
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    Hardware Has anyone tried to swap IPS LCD and TN LCD on New 3DS Regular (nonXL)?

    I am trying to install IPS LCD into a machine that originally has TN LCD. I see there is a different in the flexible cable. see pics I attached. first, I tried to change the bottom LCD only, it worked. When I changed the top LCD, in this state, both top and bottom are IPS, the 3DS cannot turn...
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    Homebrew Cannot run Decrypt9WIP on O3DS A9LH+Luma3DS

    Hi, I finally succeed in installing a9lh+luma3ds following Plaelict's tutorial. Now, I want to convert 3ds image into cia. I see one tutorial use rxtools,which I do not have. I finally found this tutorial which use Decrypt9WIP. But, when I run Decrypt9WIP on HBL, I have red screen and got...
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    Hardware [ASK] The name of the connector on New3DS

    Hi, I wonder the name of the connector that I marked with red in the picture below.
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    Hacking Browserhax issue - Plailect/Guide

    Hi guys, I am following this tutorial. I am on Part-2 step-20 to be exact. I did downgrade to 9.2 successfully. But I cannot run Browserhax. I can see the sliderhax, but it keeps kicking me out to home screen. I have been spending like 4 hours reading, trying, repeating.But, still no luck...
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