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    Gaming Fifa 19 Card Type (1 or 2)

    Hello, I see that Fifa 19 is already available. It is also added to the database on But the cart type is not written there. Is the card type for Europe version of Fifa 19 type 1 or type 2? Does anyone know about this? Also is there any ither reference database like
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    Hacking Soundhax Problem Old 3DS with 10.1.0-0E (Could Not Play error)

    Hello, My friend has an Old 3DS with 10.1.0-0E. I followed and downloaded everything necessary. Put them on SD card. Unfortunately there does not exist a otherapp.bin for 10.1.0-0E. So I have downloaded 7E and 27E files to try both of them. When I launch Sound app, it just does not...
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    Hacking Upgrade N3DS from 9.2 to 11.2

    Hello i really looked everywhere but i just could not be sure. i dont want to lose my cfw and i am asking this way :) I had 10.5 fw on my N3DS XL USA device. I downgraded to 9.2 fw and made all necessary backups etc acc to website. Then i downgraded to 2.1 fw and installed...
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