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    ROM Hack Pokemon White 2 move speed editing?

    I was wondering if there is a way to edit the walk or run speed in Pokemon White 2. Is there any tools or anything that I could use to do this?
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    Homebrew Need help Linking Zelda Oracle Games

    Sorry if this is the wrong section. I used the New Super Ultimate Injector for 3DS so that i could play zelda oracle of ages and seasons but when I went to link ages to season using the password I got at the end of ages, it just keeps saying its wrong. I've re-inputted it multiple times and also...
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    Gaming Trading for LG Pikachu exclusives adn trade evos

    looking for these pokemon: sandshrew sandslash oddish gloom vileplume mankey primeape muk alakazam machamp gengar golem willing to trade: bellsprout weepinbell victreebel weezing vulpix ninetails ekans arbok meowth put your discord in the post so I can message you easier. (I check discord...
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    Hacking Pokemon Rumble Save Editor?

    does anyone know of a Pokemon Rumble Wii save editor?
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    Hacking Question Bricking Odds

    what are the chances of bricking my switch when installing atmosphere cfw?
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