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    Can the firmware on the GDEMU 5.15b clone be updated?

    Some people online have noted that the crystal and chip from the previous clone iterations have been updated to match that of the original GDEMU in the 5.15b revision and believe that it should support firmware updates because of the matching hardware. Does anyone have any inputs/speculations on...
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    Hacking Gateway 3DS Blue Card - Saving in Pokemon not working?

    I attempted to save in Pokemon Soul Silver and in Pokemon Platnum and haven’t had any luck in getting them to save. Does anyone have any solutions to this problem?
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    Hacking IRISMan - No longer working with 4TB External HDD?

    Like the heading says, I don't understand why IRISMan isn't reading my 4TB (NTFS) External HDD anymore. I was using my HDD on 4.81 just fine, and when I upgraded to 4.82 and updated my IRISMan Manager to 4.81 (Full) and 4.81.1 (Lite) versions, the hard drive is no longer being seen by the...
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    Hacking sploit_installer-OOT3DHax errors out?

    I'm trying to use my copy of OOT3D to install B9S on my New 3DS (11.6.0-39U), but with my current B9S Old 3DS, it seems that the homebrew app isn't working and churns out an Error Code : 00000002 The title this sploit_installer is running under is not supported. Is there something I'm not...
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    Hacking I need help with my SD2Vita setup.

    I transferred the data from my 2 32GB Vita memory cards onto my 1 128GB MicroSD card for my new SD2Vita setup, but it seems that the 2nd Vita memory card's games aren't being seen by the Vita on the home screen. Is there a way to get the Vita to recognize the games that I transferred over from...
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    Homebrew Wii U USB Helper not working?

    So I was wondering if 'the title key site' for both 3DS and Wii U were both down for anyone else. It can't be permanent right?
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    Hacking Issue running a game with Adrenaline-3 (3.01)

    Has anyone tried running Kingdom Heart BBS Final Mix on Adrenaline-3? After I run the game, it black screens, but I figured it might be because I'm running it compresses as a CSO, and maybe Adrenaline doesn't work too well with CSOs? The PSX emulator so far has worked seamlessly, but I can't run...
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    Hacking How do I update my current version of Adrenaline to version 3.01?

    I installed Adrenaline during its original release, however I see that things are a bit different now that it's changed directories. Is it as simple as changing my old directory to the new spot and following the new readme?
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    Gaming Anyone recommend/did any challenges for BotW?

    I just finished my run doing - No Quests (Both Main [other than first two] and Side Quests) - No Shrines (Other than the first 4 required at the beginning and can't activate more Shrines as Fast Travel Pads) - No Korok Seeds (No Upgrading Inventory) - No Towers (Other than the first one) - No...
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    Hardware PSN and Xbox Live vs Nintendo Online Network?

    Out of curiosity, what features does PSN and Xbox Live offer over Nintendo's Online service and vice versa as far as what's been posted on news websites? AFAIK I've seen posts regarding: Seamless Voice Chat services from PSN and Xbox Live vs Nintendo's new smartphone requirement for chat Free...
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    Hacking Question: Post A9LH Setup - What parts need updating? What is needed on the device?

    What needs maintenance after A9LH is installed? I installed my A9LH setup during the peak of its popularity during the days of its first iteration. I realize now that there is a later version of the hack, but overall I'm not sure where to refer to in order to keep updated. I believe there has...
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    Homebrew A9LH Luma3DS Cheating Solution?

    I fully appreciate the features that Luma3DS currently supports, and I hope that in the future that the organization of the 3DS homebrew apps and cfw will be as organized as they were in the Wii/PSP/PS3 scenes (lists, features offered, and such) and become fully fleshed out as more time passes...
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    Hacking Wii 4.2U What're the latest hacks? (Question)

    I used to hang around the scene and was updated all the time as the scene went along, but then I kinda left and came back after a couple months. Does anyone know how to detect what is old and get it updated in a simple fashion?
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    Emulation Help with- no$gba Cheats (Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon)

    Ok so im trying to use this all items cheat for my EZFlash and it didnt work so i used NO$GBA instead but it showed a question mark and now i need some help on why it doesn't work Any sugestions or Cheats that work with No$GBA 2.6a[Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon (U)] EDIT- OMG OMG OMG PLZ...
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