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  1. WaluigiMan

    Hacking Question Is there a payload for a ofw switch that can extract save data?

    Hello! I have a switch on OFW. Ive done RCM via the paperclip exploit and used fusee gelee and made a nand backup via hakate and edited my save date via extracting and injecting my nand backup. All i want to do is edit my save files. (expept for games like splatoon and smash i know they have a...
  2. WaluigiMan

    Tutorial A quick and simple Guide about how to Transfer Pokemon from an Emulator to your 3DS

    Hello! I have seen some guides about how to do this but i think that i found a quicker and simpler way of doing so lets get started! What you will need: -Your Pokemon savefile where the Pokemon are you want to transfer (you can use any Pokemon game from gen 1-5 but make sure your savefile ends...
  3. WaluigiMan

    Gaming Inkling or Octoling and Splatoon 2 DLC

    I just finished Octoexpansion yesterday it was cool and interesting and the story was really good and there are alot of secrets solved in the dlc. Never expected the final boss or agent 3. Some levels are challeging but fun and the chats were interesting to read, but all be honest with you guys...
  4. WaluigiMan

    Hacking should i turn wifi off while on version 11.7

    i know that 11.8 got the switch`s pirated dectector but is it safe to go/play online while still on 11.7? should i avoid using the blackshop for now and can i still play my "special" games
  5. WaluigiMan

    Hacking Mario Luigi Paper Jam error

    when i start the game i get this and and it doesnt show up on the upper screen when i select it this is the eu version from the freeshop but the same happened with the us version can someone help me i wanna play this game aigan
  6. WaluigiMan

    Gaming I just noticed something in the mario luigi series

    in every game bowser wasnt himself he had amnesia was posesed by someone, baby bowser or transformed we never fought his normal self except for the first fight in inside bowser and super star saga AND BOWSER X DOES NOT COUNT
  7. WaluigiMan

    Hacking nds tracking information stuck?

    it hasnt been updated since 5 days is this normal? Package status: In transit Destination: Germany Origin: China 2018-04-25 17:26 Delivered by air transport 2018-04-25 17:23 Shenzhen processing Center, arrived 2018-04-25 08:29 Shenzhen processing Center, has been exported straight seal...
  8. WaluigiMan

    Hacking Western Union send money for?

    What option should i use for sending the money should i choose “Services/Other”. i would do this with paypal but this is the only option i have without online banking
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