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  1. serpinu

    Hacking Emummc And Sysnand Help noob

    Hello, I create this discussion to better understand this thing. Starting from the beginning I have a SWITCH already modded through chojodorunx I installed the last fw. I backed it up as soon as I bought it via hekate (fw 4.1 if I'm not mistaken) so I should have the backup clean. in these days...
  2. serpinu

    Hacking Crash Atmposhere 0.8.9

    Good evening, I have a problem with this, when I launch a game and then I want to go on the album, crash it all. I leave the photo attached. thank you so much
  3. serpinu

    Hacking R4i sdhc v2.0 happybox 1.4 possible brick

    Hi, as the title my r4 worked but then I wanted to try to make it work on 3ds and did not go then I asked on various forums and they told me to put a kernel and the firmware of the obsolete 3ds version (type version 4) and l 'I started and remained on loading, thinking it was blocked, I turned...
  4. serpinu

    Hacking R4i sdhc v2.0 happybox 1.4 in my new 3ds

    Hi, i have this card can i have use with my 3ds with luma 9.0? Thanks a lot
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