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  1. Akotan


    Let me introduce you a new puzzle game called Fruits'n'Tails ( It has a new game concept and it's pretty fun and challenging to play. There's a free version for everyone to try. If you like it, leave your comment here or in the digital store you downloaded it. Here's a...
  2. Akotan

    Gaming Donkey Kong Giveaway

    Has anyone received the download code for this game from Nintendo already? *can't wait*can't wait*can't wait*can't wait*can't wait* Or must I wait? Does anybody know when will Nintendo start to send the codes?
  3. Akotan

    Misc Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector signal

    Can I ask something really dumb? Here it goes: can cellphones, notebooks or other wi-fi capable devices detect Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector signal? Can them use it to access internet? How does it work? (Maybe it doesn't but can't hurt to ask! :P)
  4. Akotan

    Jogo Justo in Brazil From Google Translate (corrected): Brazilians, muitos acham que isso não deve dar em nada, mas fato é que é o único movimento deste tipo, que tem ganhado alguma notoriedade, nos últimos tempos. For all others, you shall know that...
  5. Akotan

    Where do you keep your DS when you're not playing?

    I want to know where you keep your DS after playing it, that safe place that you know nothing will harm your system.
  6. Akotan

    Emulation Frontends

    Is there a frontend for no$gba that unzip files and launch this application? Or a frontend that allows choosing my preferred emulator?
  7. Akotan

    Gaming Guitar Hero

    2380 - Guitar Hero : On Tour *READNFO* (...own) (Xenophobia) Didn't see this anywhere... Is it already dumped?
  8. Akotan

    Tony Hawk DS-only game

    Tony Hawk series always targeted as many consoles as it could. Today Activision stated that his next game will be a DS exclusive title I never paid so much attention to Tony games series, played some GBA version and quitted it, so don't...
  9. Akotan

    GBAtemp's NDS flashcarts status

    On NDS game release page, there's a box that shows the playable status for many flashcarts available on the market. This function is based on user submission information. Well, it is not working properly today, showing warning errors messages. Is the system for this down or is it being updated...
  10. Akotan

    No new releases next week?

    *running a search for the missing guy and his new news topic...
  11. Akotan

    [Rumor] Prepare for Professor Layton Launch Party

    Everyone saw the big Nintendo game release list for the next months. If you don't, please go here. Professor Layton is the only game marked with "Street Date". This may means that Nintendo World Store should have an event for Layton's game launch. Like the one Nintendo threw with The Legend of...
  12. Akotan

    Gaming DS games that have holidays content

    Let's create a list of games featuring any holiday content! I guess The Simpsons Game have a Santa's Factory level, isn't it?
  13. Akotan

    Gaming Mario and Sonic DS only in 2008 Maybe they're fixing things...
  14. Akotan

    Gaming [Site] features Phantom Hourglass Nintendo quietly opened Phantom Hourglass hotsite on It brings nothing new although...
  15. Akotan

    Gaming What happened to Goemon?

    Most of you, twenty and something years old, should have heard of Goemon series. It appeared on NES and had games released on most of Nintendo consoles and handhelds, through Playstation and Arcade. Why did Konami stop developing this series? And Parodius? I'm missing them so much... Played...
  16. Akotan

    Hacking Reseting DS

    Is there a way to simply reset NDS without using on/off button? I have M3 Simply and everytime I want to change games, I'm turn off an on NDS... Is this a normal routine of changing games?
  17. Akotan

    Gaming Which is the biggest NDS game rom size?

    Just curious to know: Which is the biggest NDS game rom size in bytes?
  18. Akotan

    Hacking Nintendo Wifi USB and R4DS

    I'm planning to buy a Nintendo DS lite and R4DS. But I also wanted to play online. So, games that have Wifi gameplay, loaded through R4DS, work with Wifi USB thing? Anyone knows?
  19. Akotan

    ROM Hack translates Mother 3 Looks like, after months of waiting, a bunch of lies and no official word of Nintendo, reidman,'s webmaster, joined forces to translate MR. Itoi's latest masterpiece. Can't wait to see the results!
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