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  1. k0ns0le

    Homebrew Question Turbo/Quick/Auto Fire for Switch Joy-cons ?

    Is there anyway to activate a Turbo fire function through software hack for a joy-con button?
  2. k0ns0le

    Homebrew Question Local Multiplayer (MHR)

    Trying to link 2 Switch in the same house for Local Play and was getting heaps of disconnections. We are using Monster Hunter Rise but assuming this same issue would occur in any game. After google issue found a lot of people experiencing but no real fix other than rebooting both Switch. While...
  3. k0ns0le

    ROM Hack Restoring Pokemon Sword Save

    I was having some issues (for a while) with my CFW so bit the bullet and did a full wipe (factory default) on my Switch and rebuilt emuNAND after formatting the SD. Beforehand I did a full back up of all my game saves with both JKSV and Checkpoint. I have never really messed around with save...
  4. k0ns0le


    Looking into building this for L4T. My Linux is NOOB at best. I have spent a couple of days fiddling around trying to get it to work but keep getting build errors. I managed to work through most of them but finally got stuck. Maybe it's not even possible but hopefully, someone who knows more...
  5. k0ns0le

    Homebrew Question Saving NSP's to file from Tinfoil or similar ?

    We have multiple hacked switches in the house. It would be great if I could save the NSP that Tinfoil (HBG) installs so I don't have to download a 20 GB game twice just because we want on 2 Switches. Or am I thinking about this the wrong way, is there a way I can extract the installed game to...
  6. k0ns0le

    Hacking Corrupt 3DS SD Card

    Hi, Recently managed to ruin my SD card almost immediately after updating to the latest version of Luma/B9S. Now inserting into my 3DS or PC gives an error saying needs to be formatted. Before everyone asks, no I didn't do a full backup of the SD card (I was literally just about to...) but I...
  7. k0ns0le

    Hacking GBA Flashcards - What's the best ?

    Would love to give my original Gameboy Advanced (with afterburner kit) to my 3-year-old son. While he can play 3D games (sort of) on PS4/Switch it's much easier for him to handle 2D of course! Size wise and button wise GBA is just much less to deal with than a Switch or 3DS. I hate to see him...
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