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  1. SuperHans111

    Hardware Joycon stopped being recognised

    After the latest AMS update, my joycons stopped turning on. I unplug and replug the battery and they work fine until I dock my Switch with them attached, then they won't turn on. I tried using other joycons and the same thing happens. Any ideas?
  2. SuperHans111

    Homebrew Question CBR/CBZ manga reader for Switch?

    I'm just wondering, is there a CBR/CBZ manga reader for Switch? Many of the comics/manga I want to read are in CBZ format and I would like to read them. Thanks!
  3. SuperHans111

    Hacking Question Error Code 2002-0039

    When my Switch tries to connect to the Nintendo services it crashes and I get the error code 2002-0039 (0x4e02) Program: 0100000000001005 Firmware: 10.1.0 (ams 0.14.1) It happens when I try to update a game the official way, when I load up N++, Worms, etc. Any time it tries to connect to Ninty...
  4. SuperHans111

    Gaming N++ crashes on startup?

    Please delete
  5. SuperHans111

    Gaming Games crash after loading.

    I updated to latest OFW and CFW, since doing that my games (A Hat in Time) load into a black screen and then crash. Would anyone be able to help me work out what is going on? It never did this before I updated. I have all the required patches as I can see the loading screen for the game itself...
  6. SuperHans111

    Homebrew Question Mupen64plus Next visual glitches

    I'm getting visual glitches in Mupen64 Next. For example, the ground textures and enemies in Yoshi's Story don't load in properly. Is anyone else having problems with this?
  7. SuperHans111

    Gaming ACNH stuck loading?

    All of a sudden, my animal crossing New Horizons is stuck on the loading screen with the floating island. My joycons refuse to work and the game refuses to load. I have no idea what could have caused this, but I am open to suggestions. When I check for corrupt data, it says corrupt data is...
  8. SuperHans111

    Hacking Question Failed to apply 'nosgchk'

    Never mind. Please remove this thread.
  9. SuperHans111

    Homebrew Question PPSSPP retroarch core won't show text when loading a save

    When I try to load/save game using the PPSSPP retroarch core, none of the text shows up. I follow this guide: and nothing changes. Can anyone tell me if I am doing something wrong? Thanks in advance!:creep::yaypsp:
  10. SuperHans111

    Homebrew Question Would it be possible to remove the "Nintendo Services are currently not available" popups?

    When I start up Worms WMD and games like it, I always get a popup saying "Nintendo Services are currently not available" because I am unable to connect to them. Obviously this happens because Worms is trying to access the leaderboards, etc. I am just wondering if it would be possible to disable...
  11. SuperHans111

    Hacking Question Can't boot into CFW only stock

    I can't boot into CFW. I just get stuck on the Nintendo Switch logo. I can boot into stock firmware just fine though. I tried reinstalling latest Kosmos. I have no idea what's happening. All I did was plug my SD card into the computer and it started happening suddenly. I didn't delete anything...
  12. SuperHans111

    Homebrew Question Retroarch / Atmosphere crash - error code 2001-0123 (0xf601)

    Every time I try to run a PS1 game using Retroarch, my Switch crashes. I receive: Error Code: 2001-0123 (0xf601) Program: 00000000000000000 Firmware: 10.0.2 (Atmosphere 0.11.1-master-d81a3bdc) I am using the latest Kosmos. It's only the PS1 and some PSP games that crash my Switch. Everything...
  13. SuperHans111

    Homebrew Question My homebrew NSPs won't open

    All my Switch titles will open but no homebrew NSPs will open. I have the latest patches from here: I have also added the kip1=nosigchk line Any help would be appreciated.
  14. SuperHans111

    Hacking Question Latest Kosmos and Nichole Mattera

    How do I remove or change the bootlogo that says "RIP Nichole Mattera (She is not dead)" that has suddenly appeared with the latest Kosmos update? I would like to either change it to something else or remove it entirely. Thanks :)
  15. SuperHans111

    Homebrew Question Can't get DOSBox retroarch core to work properly

    I can't seem to get DOSBox core to work properly. I only have 2 games. Tough Guy and Fallout. With Fallout, I can only get up to the "Please stand by" screen, it fades to black and nothing happens. My question is, is DOSBox playable on Retroarch yet or am I doing something wrong?
  16. SuperHans111

    Homebrew Question DOSbox retroarch core not working?

    Wrong section. Moderator please remove
  17. SuperHans111

    Hacking After updating to latest Kosmos (15.1) I can't use my gamecarts

    So I updated to Kosmos 15.1, and now I can't use my gamecarts. I have nogc set to 1 so that can't be it. I'm not sure if I have the latest patches. I think I do. What could be happening?
  18. SuperHans111

    Hacking Question Turning off automatic override for album

    When I press album on my Switch, it automatically takes me to HBmenu. I would like to have it so that to enter homebrew menu, applet mode, I need to be holding down right bumper when I go into the album. I have tried going into the loader.ini file and changing the settings but nothing changes...
  19. SuperHans111

    ROM Hack Question None of my mods for MK8 Deluxe seem to work

    Hey guys, none of my mods for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe seem to be working. I go to gamebanana to download them and put them all in the correct folder, but they don't seem to work in game. Can anybody tell me what might be causing this? I am on 9.0.0|AMS 0.10.1
  20. SuperHans111

    Homebrew Question pPlay Scrapper downloading the wrong information

    So for some shows/movies, pPlay downloads the wrong information. For example, I use the scrapper on the anime OVA 'Golden Boy', but it downloads information for the 1930's film 'Golden Boy'. Is there any way to manually set the information for a show/movie? Or how would I go about getting the...
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