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  1. rantex92

    Gaming Hardware Feedback Are scuff controllers bad?

    Like the title said are scuff controllers realy that bad? or did i miss something? I got a scuff impact today (switched from the good old wired raiju) and all i get is a headache nothing will realy work like it should for instance : it disconect itself every few minutes from bluetooth (and...
  2. rantex92

    Gaming Hacking Homebrew Oldies The case of the "haunted" pokemon blue cartridge

    So back in the late gen 1 days (gen 2 was already out in jp and us, missigno glitch was known but the interview where the mew exploit was disclosed by nintendo hasnt happen yet) a friend came by and mentiont he would know a new glitch that he got taught while he was on holiday in the uk so i...
  3. rantex92

    Gaming Hardware Weird Pc Noises

    So today i wanted to play soul reaver 2 tried pcsx wasnt a great experience so i installed the pc version wich is known to not work on new HW used dgvoodoo and dxwrapper in combination to get it working played about 5 min but then i started to notice a weird screeching noise from my pc (could...
  4. rantex92

    Tutorial Others Samsung Service Menu

    hey guy this is a work in progress and will get updates from time to time and wont only focus on the service menu but will become more like a guide to samsung tv´s 1. What is the Service menu The Service Menu is like a bios for your tv where you can change ANYTHING and i mean ANYTHING...
  5. rantex92

    PS1/2 Fmcb on a 900XX

    Hey guys found some old ps2 slim PAL 900xx(not fmcb compatible but has magic swap 2.0 and 3.8) model in my basement is it possible now to get fmcb running with the new FDVDB exploit?
  6. rantex92

    Fake Ps4 exploits on the loose

    Hey guys please watch out for the new fake ps4 exploit “GoldHEN 2.0.1.b” its known to brick your consoles
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