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  1. Rfire

    Hacking A9LH: What if I lose SD card or it goes bad?

    In the Plailect guide it gives this caveat at the end: "You will no longer be able to boot without the SD card in, that is normal." And I noticed that without the SD card you can no longer even get back into Decrypt9 to restore a backup. My question is, given the unbootable state after...
  2. Rfire

    Hacking Bookworm Errcode -4

    I get errcode -4 when trying to load Bookworm (U) .. I have tried DMA and non-DMA to no avail. Any known workarounds? Using a genuine TTDS (regular, not i) with the 1.17a12 OS
  3. Rfire

    Hacking Wanin to release DIP source

    As per Waninkoko's official twitter page, the DIP plugin source code will be released under the BSD license tomorrow. Awesome news.
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