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  1. HardMind

    Hacking Need help C2-12828-1

    Hello, I have this error with Diamond world next order, firstly this error was with NoNpDum, so i installed game with MaiDump and it worked but not for long, now whatever i tried with different forms i got same error even if i download the patch from psvita itself, it wont install. I tried...
  2. HardMind

    Hacking Problem in installing CFW ""

    Hello, hope this is the right place to ask. I followed this guide" precisely, but when I reached to this part: Once completed and the bottom screen says “done.”, exit b9sTool, then power off your device You may have to force power off...
  3. HardMind

    Gaming The Caligula Effect; Overdos ?

    Hello, The Caligula Effect; Overdos dose't work (i'm on 7.1, os 2.6.2!) os can not read the nsp or xci file of this game, what's problem ? firmware requirement? I'm almost in the last one.
  4. HardMind

    ROM Hack Need Super robot wars T save editor or cheat

    Hope there is one now. Thanks.
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