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  1. VNSMB

    Hacking New SUPER MARIO BROS. WII 2!

    Super Mario Luma Hunt! NSMBLH! by Ogu99 and me is our new hack for NSMBWii using Newer SMBW by the Newer Team! (Download for Newer SMBWii: On top of that, a WiiU version will also be released! Both versions will have differences between their contents. Explore new...
  2. VNSMB

    Hacking Makerpl64.exe Error

    Can somone pls tell me what I am doing wrong? I wrote the right command: makerpl64 -f -z9 -s MarioU2.elf and I actually get this error -
  3. VNSMB

    Hacking Harder Mario Bros Wii. - The never ending mini project

    Well... This is our (unoffical) first (mini) hack of NSMBWii called Harder Mario Bros. Wii. I coincidentally found it on my drive and decided to edit a few things and release it anyway! Our projects we are working on (Ogu99 and me) are currently NSMBW2 and a NSMBU hack (with complete new worlds...
  4. VNSMB

    Hacking Super Guide

    Is it possible to edit the Super Guide in New Super Mario Bros. Wii? If it is editable, how do I edit it? Thanks!
  5. VNSMB

    Hacking .er Files

    Hello guys, does anyone know how to edit the .er Musicfiles in Newer SMB Wii? (How to make them) and does anyone know how to add more music to Newer SMB Wii?
  6. VNSMB

    Hacking Routeinfo

    Hey guys, I'm new here and I have two problems. My first problem is: I want to edit the world maps in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Can I do it with Blender or are there other programms? And my second problem is: I want to edit the route Mario is walking on. I found a file in the Game named...
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