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    Hacking Other ways to autoboot a .dol or a channel than preloader?

    Hi! because I get sound issues when autobooting a .dol-file or the HBC through preloader, I wanted to query if there other ways to boot a .dol-file or a channel on start up? Hope someone can help.
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    Hacking strange sound issues with preloader?!

    Hi! I also discribed my problem in this thread But I think it is better to open a new Threat, because it is not only a priiloader problem. Ok lets begin: I have a Wii with firmeware 4.2E and I get this issue with Preloader 0.29 JODI and Priiloader...
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    Hacking Installing IOS with WAD Manager, does it always override the old one?

    Hi! I have another simple question and hope somebody have an answer: Does WAD Manager always override the installed IOS if I install a new IOS, which uses the same IOS-Slot? (Even when the version-number of the "new" IOS is lower than the installed IOS?) An Example: (this is only an example I...
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    Hacking Which IOS uses AnyTitle Deleter DB?

    Hi! I have a simple question: I want to use AnyTitle Deleter DB on System Menu 4.2. So which IOS uses AnyTitle Deleter DB? I read the Readme and searched with google but I didn't find any information. Hope somebody have an answer. Greets nameist
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    Hacking Preloader v29 on Wii-Firmeware 4.2E

    Hi! I want to install Preloader v29 JODI-version (I think it is the best version, fewest bugs of all) on my 4.2 Wii. So I have some questions and I hope somebody can help me: 1. I read that this Preloader-version was created for 4.0 or 4.1 so when I install it, it wants to patch the System...
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    Hacking Is it save to restore a nand-Backup with Bootme (IOSv.) on a non-brick

    Hi! I am new to the Wii-Homebrew-Scene and I hope somebody can help me with my problems. I have already read some of the stickies and I think I unstead the guides and I am ready for the installation. But before I change anything on my Wii I want to have a warranty that I can restore those...
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