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  1. LoggerMan

    Hacking What happens if you start a modded WiiU without the SD card in?

    I hadn't used my WiiU in a few months, which I had modded with Nintendont and stuff, modded the Wii and WiiU mode. I went to plug it in today and it came up as if it had been factory reset. and then i noticed the memory card wasn't in the slot, I must have put it "somewhere"? Anyway assuming...
  2. LoggerMan

    Hacking Question How to clone and then expand sd card to a new larger sd card, exfat format with hidden emunand?

    So I've done this before on 3ds years ago but I can't remember the name of the tool i used to do it with. I have an exfat 200gb sd card with sx pro, hidden emunand partition. I bought a 512GB card and wish to transfer everything over to it, except the emunand is on the old card and is in a...
  3. LoggerMan

    Hacking Usbloadergx won't load games if WiiU usb hdd is still attached. Plug in the back?

    vwii drive connected to top back USB port, with a y cable. WiiU drive plugged into front, with Y cable. So USBloadergx won't show me anything when I have the WiiU drive connected to the front. I have ios58 enabled under the advice of a cyan post, contrary to the guide I followed on...
  4. LoggerMan

    Hardware How many spare WiiUs do you have?

    I am thinking of stocking up on preowned WiiUs as it seems to be the best way to play GameCube, Wii, and WiiU games. Because of the hdmi and no emulation errors, the games run exactly as intended. so ten years from now will I want some spare WiiUs? Will I need some spare gamepads or power supplies?
  5. LoggerMan

    Hacking SX Pro, is life easier if I just accept that I will get banned and stop worrying?

    so of course I should do what I can to avoid a ban, but should I just accept that my Switch is now tainted and stop worrying about losing access to CDN servers and multiplayer servers? If I'm playing offline all the time anyway then I've effectively banned myself from those servers anyway. I...
  6. LoggerMan

    Hacking Should I mod vWii first or WiiU mode first, or does it not matter?

    so I want to set up a two or three WiiUs, kit out the vwii and the WiiU modes, and then gift some and use one myself. But should I do the vWii stuff first or does it not matter. I want to do a few consoles at once so I can get them out the way all at once.
  7. LoggerMan

    PS1/2 PS2 mod chip vs modded memory card? I have the mod chip already but am scared to solder it in

    So I've had two Modbo 4.0 chips for years laying around, 10m of solder, I bought lengths of wire in both aug gauges needed, and a soldiering iron. But I'm too scared to try and install it I've just had this stuff laying around for years. Should I just buy a modded memory card just so I can play...
  8. LoggerMan

    Hardware Possible to buy a replacement bottom IPS screen for n3dsXL?

    I'm thinking of buying an upper IPS n3dsXL and wondering if it's possible to buy a lower IPS screen online and swap it out myself, to make a dual IPS n3dsXL.
  9. LoggerMan

    Hacking [Discussion] How much better do GameCube games on vWii over HDMI look compared to Wii with component

    I've been thinking about this for a very long time now and I want to know if the visual quality of gamecube games on the WiiU's vWii over HDMI with Nintendont is actually all that much better than the same game played on a real Wii over component cable with Nintendont. I want to spend some time...
  10. LoggerMan

    Hardware My 3DS USB charging cables keep breaking. Anyone know where I can get some cheap ones that wont brea

    So my cables keep breaking after a few months. I just get the cheapest I can find on eBay for like a dollar each and they work fine for a few months then stop working. Maybe it's time to pay $2 $3 per cable for a better quality one but where from? I don't even have any original wall plugging...
  11. LoggerMan

    Hacking Updating from rxtools to arm9loaderhax on o3DS, emunand disappeared?

    I had a o3ds with rxtools (Sysnand: 4.4.0-10E, Emunand: RX3d 10.3.0-28E) and it was finally time to update for SuMu. So I followed Plailect's OTP and full arm9loaderhax CFW Guide on GitHub, I had success along the way when the o3ds would boot to emunand 11.0 after turning on. So then I updated...
  12. LoggerMan

    Hacking Where is the cheapest genuine r4i card for NDS and 3DS with shipping to Australia/international?

    I need to buy 3 R4i cards, one will be used on a NDS Lite and the other two on New 3DS and Old 3DS. The cheapest I can find is r4i silver total cost of 41.50 dollars for three And r4i gold from total...
  13. LoggerMan

    Hacking Transferring NNID and some game saves from one n3DS emunand to another n3ds emunand

    I have a black n3DS XL and am thinking of buying the ACHHD n3DS XL so I can have an IPS upper screen (I'm not going to try and find an IPS lower screen as well, that's probably near impossible). I don't really think I need to transfer everything I really just want my NNID on there (there's no...
  14. LoggerMan

    64drive vs Everdrive 64 2 vs Everdrive 64 v3?

    I'm trying to research these but I can't find much. From what I can see he Everdrive v2 and v3 are exactly the same but the v3 doesn't need to be reset to save and it can play Pokemon Stadium 2 and Animal Crossing with Real Time Clock. But what other differences are there in compatibility...
  15. LoggerMan

    Hacking o3DS on 10.4 firmware. What are my options for cfw?

    I have a friend who wants to get started with cfw on one of his old 3DSs. I have done it for o3ds 4.4 to rxtools a while ago and my 9.0 n3DS to Reinand, but I'm not sure what the situation is now for a 10.4 3ds. I'm sure I could help him through with whatever it is if someone pointed me in the...
  16. LoggerMan

    Hacking 9.0 sys/9.5 ReiNAND on N3DSXL, what's the correct way to update emunand to 10.5?

    It's been a while since I setup emunand and I'm not sure how to update it. I think I need to update it to get Story of Seasons CIA to work.
  17. LoggerMan

    Hacking Is 128GB micro sd card okay to use, or should I buy 64GB?

    I have 9.0 sysnand and I believe 10.5 emunand with reinand and have been using a 32GB sd card so far. But that's not enough, especially since I sold my Sky. I just want to know if it's okay to use a 128GB card or should I play it safe and get a 64GB one? I've searched the discussions on this on...
  18. LoggerMan

    Hacking Cheapest genuine r4i that will ship to Australia?

    I need two or three r4i cards to play on various consoles (DS Lite, DSi, and N3DS), but looking at shops here in Australia it would cost quite a lot of money. There's plenty of online stores that ship to Aus, but I can't tell if the cards are genuine or not and if there's one thing I've learned...
  19. LoggerMan

    Hacking Best/easiest way to get Pokemon cheats while on rxtools?

    I set up rxtools for my nephew and installed his totally legit pokemon cias. But now he wants to cheat, like spawn pokemon and stuff. What's the easiest way to do this so he can take care of the cheats himself? I'm not inclined to cheat myself so I don't know where to start.
  20. LoggerMan

    Hacking I just bought a 9.0.0-20E New 3DS XL, is rxtools the right choice for it?

    I just bought a brand new New 3DS XL and amazingly it comes with 9.0.0-20E firmware. I have a Sky3DS too. I'm just wondering what my options are (if any), I want to do it before my boyfriend accidentally updates it :P I'm guessing the Sky3DS will come in handy with Cubic Ninja. Should I set up...
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