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  1. sieroi

    Hacking Is anyone else finding Luma 8.0 to be a bit slower than earlier versions?

    Specifically, on Home Menu/storage R/W operations. It's most noticeable on systems that were already a bit slower than stock- anything running on a 128GB microSD card that the 3DS doesn't play along with well, for example. It's not a SD card speed class issue- no 128GB cards exist below...
  2. sieroi

    Hacking Discovery: Using the DSTWO on a late-model Original DS enables variable/higher brightness settings!

    Pretty neat quirk. It only seems to be the case on the very last batches of original/phat DS systems, on the market at the same time as the DS Lite. The original DS models shipped with two brightness settings, and only two- "On" and "Off". The DSTwo, on compatible models, allows you to set...
  3. sieroi

    Hacking DSTwo plays Phoenix Wright: T&T fine on a 2GB microSD, but has frequent freezing issues on 32GB card

    Title, really. This is the first time I've encountered anything like this in a commercial title- after running into some freezing issues about 50% of the time whenever the "Talk" option is selected in the final case of Trials and Tribulations on my 32GB microSDHC card, I tried running it from...
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