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  1. Richy Freeway

    Gaming Wode for 360 coming?

    Just saw this over on Wiinewz.
  2. Richy Freeway

    Hacking Idea : Mass game installer.

    I've been spending a fair amount of time going through all my burnt games and loading them onto my Wii's hard drive. It's a pain in the ass having to interact with it so much when loading lots of games. What would be ideal is an app on the Wii that installs games, spits the disk out then waits...
  3. Richy Freeway

    Hardware New Flatmii Software with Remote ISO Loader From the Readme.txt
  4. Richy Freeway

    Hacking Someone is profitting from the backup loaders.

    Just saw this advert as a banner over on Wiinewz. Looks like someone is packaging it all up and selling it!
  5. Richy Freeway

    Hacking What's the best app for downgrading a Wii now?

    Can someone point me in the right direction, I've not had to downgrade one for a while. Cheers!
  6. Richy Freeway

    Hacking R4 Save Files on CycloDS

    Can I take my save files from my old R4 cart and use them on the CycloDS?
  7. Richy Freeway

    Hacking How do you "accidentallly" update your Wii?

    First you either get a message from Nintendo, or manually search for an update, then you have to confirm you want the update. I keep seeing people say they've "accidentally" updated to the latest version. Seeing as how you have to physically point the Wiimote at the buttons, I can't see how...
  8. Richy Freeway

    Cheap Wii's and 360's in the UK @ Sainsburys

    Wii's for £149.97 360 Arcade for £99.97 360 60GB for £139.97 Only til Oct 12th
  9. Richy Freeway

    Hacking New Pictures of the Wii Recovery Dongle

    No new info though. More pics in the link.
  10. Richy Freeway

    Homebrew Snes9x GX and SMB support

    Anyone have any idea how to get this loading roms over the network? According to the sparse documentation I need to edit snes9xGX.xml I can't find this file anywhere and I have no idea what to put it in if I were to create it from scratch.
  11. Richy Freeway

    Hacking D2E compliant D2pro + D2E Wii, Inching problem.

    As per the topic, I have a D2E D2Pro and a D2E Wii, I've installed the chip with a Wiiclip V4C 9 Wire. Backups work, but I'm suffering with the inching problem. Also the slot LED flashes and pulses in weird patterns. Any ideas? Edit : It's also now powering up then shutting down after 5...
  12. Richy Freeway

    Frodo (C64 Emulator) Ported to Wii.
  13. Richy Freeway

    Hacking Parental Controls on the current/future homebrew channel.

    If it hasn't been implemented, I think it would be a good idea. I've got 2 young kids and if they notice a homebrew channel they're going to want to click it, purely out of curiosity. Considering some of the tools available could potentially be dangerous to the Wii, being able to lock the...
  14. Richy Freeway

    Wii Midia v0.1 alpha No download available yet...
  15. Richy Freeway

    Hacking Offlinelist and pretrimmed roms

    Just discovered offlinelist, looks like a handy tool for organizing my roms. Problem is I've trimmed all my roms already and offlinelist wont recognise them. Is there anyway round this?
  16. Richy Freeway

    Hacking Using Trucha & Scrubber together.

    I'm looking to scrub all my Wii ISO's to save some space, but I'm sure I read somewhere that you can't use the Trucha signer on scrubbed discs. Before I go and scrub them all can anyone shed some light on this?
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