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    Hacking What would you do?

    Hey everyone, I wanted to see with you people what would be the best for me to do. I need to firdt explain my situation. I had a used gold slim with fw 5.05 but I got a very good offer for it to sell so I sold it. I got enough money from it that I could buy a new Pro console and still have...
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    Hacking Updating PS4 games [Best way?] 5.05

    Hey everyone, What is the most easy to use and most reliable way to find and download updates for your PS4 games? Is there a way to get only the updates which can be player on 5.05 or do you have to do a research every time manually before downloading and installing anything?
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    Hacking Keeping save files for new PS4

    Hey everyone, I am selling my PS4 Slim which is on 5.05 and I have there a lot of save files which I backup often using the web exploit backup option (Al Azif DNS). Now I want to buy a new PS4 Pro Glacier White 1 TB, which I hope is on 4.73 (CUH - 7116B B02Y / 220 - 240Y / P - 27452541 - C /...
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    Hacking Strange issue on new network (downloading updates)

    Hello people, I am on 5.05 with the exploit using Al Azif's DNS. It works perfectly fine when home, but after I connect to any other network with the same DNS settings my PS4 starts automatically to download game and software updates! The strange thing is that I disabled all automatic updates...
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