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  1. jagerstaffel

    Gaming System update 7.1.0-15U, which DS flashcarts are blocked?

    So I had no idea where to put this, but I wanted to ask because I just recently got a DS flashcart to play DS roms on my 3DS, and I would like to know if any flashcarts are blocked with this new update. Mine is that R4iSDHC Dual Core White.
  2. jagerstaffel

    Hacking Question about the EDGE

    I'd like to know if the MicroSD reader that came with the EDGE can read/write MicroSDHC. I recall an online store mentioned it can support SDHC, but no other site I've seen says. The EDGE site doesn't mention (from what I recall), so I'd like to ask the users here, does your MicroSDHC card work...
  3. jagerstaffel

    Hacking Has anyone gotten this to work?

    As my topic title implies, has anyone gotten NitroHax to work on the EDGE cart? More info here: Won't work on the fly (meaning extracting from gbatemp download page and into MicroSD card). Tried to DLDI patch...
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