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  1. DiJornios

    ROM Hack Furi NSP

    On 8.0 with the latest Atmosphere and FS/ES patches tried around 3-4 different NSP files for Furi they all install fine but when I open them it just says unable to open software press the home button, even converted the definitive XCI to an NSP and no bite, any help?
  2. DiJornios

    Hardware Joy-Con Side Rail Dying?

    The side rail SL and SR buttons don’t work on the left Joy-Con once their ribbon cables are compressed but there is no visible nicks or scratches, any help?
  3. DiJornios

    Hardware Nintendo Switch Tegra X2

    Would it be probable to think that Nintendo would devise a plan to have Switches ship to a branch and get a upgrade for the new X2 for a small price 50-100, like how Apple changed iPhone batteries to brand new ones for a reasonable price?
  4. DiJornios

    Gaming DBFZ Open Beta

    This shit is fucked none of the servers are working and from what I’ve gathered this is happening just like the previous open beta for other consoles, you think Bandai would learn by now?
  5. DiJornios

    Smash Bros Hat

    Do you know anyone anywhere that will make or sell a snap back with the Japanese Smash logo?
  6. DiJornios

    Hacking Question Video Viewer?

    On Horizon OS for 5.0.X and below, is anyone developing one, it'd be a great tool! Specifically for YouTube or web browsing in general.
  7. DiJornios

    Hacking Question Switch Crashing?

    After installing Fusee Gelee payloads through Windows switch just dies once it normal boots and it goes into sleep mode, this a quirk or what? I think I have to reinstall it everytime Working with a 5.0.2 Switch
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