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  1. Mooninite

    Blue screen after updated firmware 12.1.0 -> 13.0.0

    I have not updated atmosphere since I migrated from SX on my chipped lite, today I wanted to update to the latest atmos 1.1.1. I now have a blue screen, this is what I did Updated from firmware 12.1.0 to 13.0.0 by downloading firmware through AIO updater then installing through daybreak...
  2. Mooninite

    Hacking Setting up dual-boot from scratch - SX/ATMOS

    I am trying desperately to get SXOS and Atmosphere running on the same SD with two different partitions. Looking for some guidance on my journey. I don't care if SX is dead, I still want both worlds if its indeed possible. I am using Mariko switch lite with SX Lite core. Backed up original SD...
  3. Mooninite

    Hacking Question Dual-boot - SXOS 11.0.0 + Atmos 0.20.1

    I need some nice step by step guidance here as I am clueless. I want to install atmosphere on my chipped mariko unit, but also keep the current SXOS just as it is. SXOS 11.0.0 and then the latest atmosphere to play the newest games. I have no idea where to begin with setting up atmosphere cause...
  4. Mooninite

    Hacking Question Local Wireless Parsec - CFW and OFW

    I've found only a few sources for this and I'm particularly interested in using Parsec in order to achieve this. Is it in anyway possible for me to host a game online through local with my SXOS switch and have my friends with OFW switches join on in. Or even the other way around? I even see the...
  5. Mooninite

    Homebrew Question Reboot to payload to use both SX OS and Atmosphere

    Hello, Again I’m very new, recently hardmodded my switch lite with an SX Lite chip. I’ve been told through a reddit post that it’s possible to use reboot to payload to switch between SX OS and Atmosphere, however I have no idea where to get started. First of all is this even possible? If so...
  6. Mooninite

    Homebrew Question SX OS Ban Prevention Tips?

    Looking for anyone to give me some guidance to going online with my modded switch lite, I recently have had the SX OS mod chip installed, last time I did this to a console was the PSP era so I'm a bit lost. I understand I will be creating an emunand and backing up my system to an SD card, I...
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