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  1. MegaMagikarp

    ROM Hack RELEASE Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Three Useful Overlay Utils

    I recently wrote some overlays for FE3H, thought I'd share them here. ## Item Trainer ## Class Edit ## Support Edit # Credit **Jacien** - for being the benefactor of this project as well as providing info and testing. This project would not have taken place without him. @Falo - for...
  2. MegaMagikarp

    ROM Hack RELEASE Luxray - an Overlay Utility for Pokémon Sword and Shield in Form of a Sys-module

    So far the only feature is a date advancer that can automate frame advancing in raid RNG manipulation. it can also be used for other time-based events in-game. More features might get added along the way (depends how busy I get with school). Download
  3. MegaMagikarp

    Homebrew RELEASE SwitchTime - Manipulate Time-based Events in Games

    I was trying to get more Sweets in Pokemon Sword, which the game limits to once per day. Did some google search and didn't find an existing tool to change the system clock, only found a network time setter: NX-ntpc by thedax. So I forked it and now I present to you: SwitchTime. It's kinda like...
  4. MegaMagikarp

    ROM Hack RELEASE Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Outline Removal mod

    Credit to @Raytwo for finding the "DisableOutline" string. Comparison: IPSwitch Code: @nsobid-89048449BA238C8CF565518B83BF02D3 # Fire Emblem: Three Houses 1.2.0 @flag offset_shift 0x100 // 60 fps patch @enabled 007D59C4 07000014 // Outline Removal @enabled 004E97F4 1F2003D5 004E9E14...
  5. MegaMagikarp

    ROM Hack RELEASE Y'allAreNUTs save tool - aka switch-save-dump-hack-job by 3096

    Uh... yea I'm 3096 btw. Idk why I chose this retarded username on gbatemp link: Use UP & DOWN to select a save. LEFT & RIGHT to skip 5 saves. Press A to dump save files into "save/" or press Y for "save/{titleID}/{userID}/" (will overwrite whatever's...
  6. MegaMagikarp

    Homebrew WIP [Release] Do u no de wae (Switch Homebrew app)

    A rushed meme is a good one. (Literally took me 20 minutes to make from grabbing and converting the image to finish tweaking the code lol.) No audio working yet unfortunately. Download de wae: Press A to know de wae. Press + to quit. Live preview:
  7. MegaMagikarp

    Homebrew [Request] An NTR plugin or Homebrew to change system's Country Code

    The only flaw to region emulating is always a bad country code data. Such data is very illegal in some games, like Pokemon. (You would end up with an illegal Pokemon like JPN region but US as its country.) Today I was messing with region changing and after I performed a ctr transfer to EUR...
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