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  1. PapaMario28

    Homebrew game [TESTING] Yoshi-Tax for the 3ds

    I made this homebrew game for the 3ds. This is a demo, and i wanted to see if people liked it so i can make a full game. Its very basic i know but if you like please give feed back. there wil prob be no sprites but there might be if there is some interest in the project back to the topic i...
  2. PapaMario28

    Homebrew Cant compile 3ds code

    I cant compile my 3ds code ive tried compiling on windows, debian buster and wsl Linux says please set devkitarm to your enviroment but compiles examples Wsl says the same thing as linux Windows says a bunch of unused stuff and then says collect2 exit with -1. will post all the windows stuff...
  3. PapaMario28

    Homebrew FF7 30-60 fps on 0ld 3ds (o3ds)

    Got final fantasy 7 working on old 3ds via emulator gamplay is 40-60 fps while cutscenes are 30 i do have a video but i cant post it because im a begginer Just posted this to assure other people that there is a way to play ps1 games on 0ld 3ds (o3ds) when i can post links i post the vid if...
  4. PapaMario28

    CMD Secret

    i think i found a secret. type "(screams) And the terrible dreams began"
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