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  1. bbcali89

    Hacking Alright been a awhile since I been on forums. Need some guidance here.

    Hey everyone! I haven't posted on here in some time. I just need some direct instructions of how to do these things: Run Virtual Wii games on Wii U Run Wii U games [including VC games on wii U] Are injects possible for ds titles etc? Thanks so much for any replies. The guides are all...
  2. bbcali89

    Hacking I am super behind in PSvita hacking. Can someone update me?

    Hello everyone! I used to have a PSTV modded, well I still do but I never used it. I've had my psvita for a long time but finally got around to fixing the screen some months ago now I want to get into the hacking scene with it. It is on 3.52 Can anyone help me with a updated tutorial? I am...
  3. bbcali89

    Hacking Possible corrupt EMUMMC?

    I wanted to install the new goldleaf version on my switch. I put it on my card and when I rebooted my switch atmosphere said failed to mount EMUMMC. I am assuming somehow the emummc got corrupted is there an easy fix to this? Even if their isn't anyone have step by step to resolve this issue? I...
  4. bbcali89

    Hacking Limitations of overclocking switch.

    Are there any limitations to overclocking? Does anyone overclock to the max setting on retroarch? 1.7ghz. How about on switch games? Is there a application that would allow me to overclock further? What is the extent anyone has safely gotten with active cooling? Thanks !
  5. bbcali89

    Hacking A hacked switch has the potential to DESTROY psp.

    for portable emulation. I mean, nvidia gpu. many different controller adaptions/configurations. awesome pick up and go of the switch. adapted to emulators alike!!!! would be so cool. nuff said. this thing will probably run n64/psx. without even trying. and it will all be super easy to port...
  6. bbcali89

    Homebrew Very odd issue with decyrpt9

    I downgraded fine and have downgraded numerous consoles. never had this issue. decrypt9 will not work. it just keeps rebooting to homebrew launcher. and flickers a bit before doing so. any help?
  7. bbcali89

    Hacking PSP EMU (NATIVELY) hacked on PSVITA.

    Release is probably around the corner now. Oh man. Buy them Vita memory cards while you can lol
  8. bbcali89

    Hacking Looking for a USA JTAG/RGH service. Anyone can recommend (also saves question)

    Someone or a site? Also another question. I got a new 360 and my brother using my old one. I just want specific saves off that xbox and put them on this xbox. obviously i cant dl the profile cuz i'll update right? how do i get the saves which are on a usb drive on my other xbox. onto my new...
  9. bbcali89

    Hacking So without getting flamed to hell for this. Regarding why the 3ds isn't kernel haxed on 11.0

    TITLE EDIT: SHOULD BE why isn't there a downgrade available for 11.0 Okay, so I understand that the homebrew scene is very slim and the only way to downgrade a 11.0 is: dsi save exploit. Still I'm curious: What is holding back a downgrade for 11.0? Has svchax and memchunk in general been...
  10. bbcali89

    Homebrew Awhile back there was a 3dS forwarder for DS games. Question.

    Can someone make sense of the thread? It's not any shot to the topic creator but its pretty confusing. Or rather is there a more simplified way of doing it now? Let me know thanks !
  11. bbcali89

    Homebrew So now with arm 9 access.

    What else is possible. Obviously unbricking. But what else. This could lead to ds ROM loaders couldn't it ? What else. Couldn't auto run a game possibly with a arm 9 built app ? Anything else ?? I think arm 9 access is pretty awesome. But I wonder what it could do for development on the 3ds.
  12. bbcali89

    Hacking Does using armloader9hax decrease install times for cias? etc

    I am wondering if the new method of loading sysnand cfw? Would decrease install times on N3ds? I don't know too much about armloader but from what I know it loads the 3ds at boot. faster than menuhax and more efficient . However i'm curious if install times will ever be better. I wonder why...
  13. bbcali89

    Hacking Real quick question.

    I am on 10.4 reinand. on n3ds. is it okay to update to highest emunand? Please let me know thanks guys! havent been on in a bit.
  14. bbcali89

    Hacking Can anyone confirm if cakes works with smash?

    because some people are telling me it doesn't. And i'm getting error upon starting it.
  15. bbcali89

    Hacking Smash CIA installed. but giving error on startup?

    Mind you this is the same cia I use on another system and it works fine ? emunand 10.3 on console it's not working. emunand 10.4 on console it's not working. 10.3 on other colnsole it works?! What is the issue here. Using BBM to install. Installing all dlc and update. tried just installing...
  16. bbcali89

    Hacking Okay guys I found some of my 3ds (DS) flashcarts.

    A few r4's. Can anyone help me locate the newest firmwares available for these? They are the r4 gold 3ds. and r4sdhc ? I found links, but I don't think they are newest available. I really want to be able to play the newest ds games without avoiding white screens. (ala pokemon black 2 etc)
  17. bbcali89

    Homebrew Svdt question

    Okah so i backedup my save from my eshop titles awhile back . None of them will restore They all fail to move over to cia Idk what the problem is. For example Persona q "savedata.bk" or somethinf like that I try to move it over to cia Amd nothing happens Same with any other game that i...
  18. bbcali89

    Hacking Can you setup a 3ds to run more than one emunand?

    Like let's say I got one 32gb card with a emunand on it. than I setup another one for that same 3ds with a 64gb card. Is this possible? and could I interchange them when I feel like it? I assume the answer is yes, but I just wanted to make sure. : )
  19. bbcali89

    Hacking As a FYI.

    I have downgraded 6 NEW3DS from 10.3 to 9.2 I have downgraded a number of old3ds too. NO BRICKS. I use the SULIB version of sysupdater. the first update tusxh made. I also can run downgrade on about the 5th try or so. using MENUHAX/FTPBRONY (b exit) and than sysupdater run. It never...
  20. bbcali89

    Hacking Can any of the system cia's be removed?

    IE: Faceraiders Activity Log Mii Maker Nintendo Zone AR games Nintendo 3ds sound Mii Plaza Can any of these be removes safely? I'm just curious is all.
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