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    Hacking Bricked Acekard 2i

    I decided to try playing some DS today and found out it wouldn't boot my AK2i. I'm running it on a DSL and it shows up as a game with no name and no title. After selecting it, both screens turn white and nothing happens. I've tried flashing the firmware but it gets stuck at "Progress 0%". I've...
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    Gaming Computer doesn't restart

    Yes, strange problem. I've been messing with my other computer and came across this problem, if the OS tries to restart (Start Menu > Restart/When installing OS/etc.) the computer will reach the shutdown stage, but then will stay on with no video output. Any ideas?
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    Gaming BIOS Splash Freeze

    When I start my computer, it shows the splash screen, (ECS RC410L 800-M v2), beeps and then nothing. If I press Del to try and get into BIOS, it shows some text that normally shows before the BIOS (Memory, hard drives), and freezes right when it gets to the line with my hard drive. I've tried...
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    Hacking Broken clip thing touchscreen

    So I've been trying to put my DS Lite after a shell replacement, and accidentally broke the clip thing that holds the cable for the touchscreen to detect the touches. It still works if I hold the cable in with a bit of force, but I wanna close my DS. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Gaming Failed Quick Format

    So i accidentally quick formatted my external hard drive, but it somehow failed when trying to do it. I'm now attempting to get the files back, as it is 500GB of stuff I don't wanna have to redownload. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Gaming Help with Bridge and Router

    I have an old 2Wire 1701HG Gateway which is a router/modem for my DSL. I've been trying to hook a Linksys WRT54GL to it, but its not going so well. I've got the modem in bridge mode so the router connects to the PPPoE, but I can't seem to access the internet from my computer connected to the...
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    Changelog: Source:
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    GBA Exploader v0.58 released

    Changelog: From Rudolph's Blog:
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    Gaming RAM?

    Okay, so according to my motherboard manufacturer site, my motherboard supports So what would happen if I bought and installed DDR2 something higher then 667?
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    DNS.exe virus?

    Has anyone else seen a program with an Internet Explorer icon named dns.exe. I found it on one of my friends flash drives and it seems to spread via flash drives, creating an autorun.inf file to launch it, saves at C:\WINDOWS\system32\dns.exe, and runs iexplorer.exe for some reason? Its easy to...
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    Gaming Chances of TA-88v3?

    I'm interested in getting a PSP, and am wondering what are the chances of me getting a PSP TA-88v3 motherboard if I buy a new one. In the United States.
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    Wiki deleter

    Look at this guy : Deleted around 58 pages of stuff.
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    Hacking Messed up screw

    I want to open the battery lid of my NDS to flash it, but the screw is resisting every attempt to be opened. Here is a picture: Any suggestions?
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    Well I can't read Japanese, but saw this at Yasu's site:
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    Hardware Partly taken apart GBASP?

    kk well I want to play my ezflash 3-in-1 in my GBA SP, so I took it apart. Now its like this. Amazingly, its playable But its kinda annoying to have all that stuff sticking out I'm planning to cover it in plastic wrap or something. Any suggestions? Also: not in the pictures is tape holding...
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    Hacking AceKard 2 and EZFlash 3-in-1 help?

    Well, I just recieved an AceKard 2, and I'm trying to figure out how to use it Booting is simple, but how do I restore the save from the EZFlash?
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    New Avatar

    Well I got bored and get a new avatar Everyone loves dynamic avatars Wasn't as hard as it looks, a minute to dump all the images, and another to convert them all to png, and yet another to upload them 60 specially chosen units
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    Here's the changelog
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    Hacking Save From EZ-Flash 3-in-1 YSMenu Error

    I've been using YSMenu to run GBA games on my EZ-Flash 3-in-1. When I tried playing a GBA game from the PSRAM, it asked to format the SRAM for YSMenu and I clicked yes. But now, the SRAM to File button doesn't work and gives me the error "No filename data for NOR". The game still works, but I...
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