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  1. SylvWolf

    Comment by 'SylvWolf' in 'You win again, internet.'

    I don't see why MLP is treated so differently from everything else. People like it because it's a good show and they enjoy watching it. Others don't like it because they find it boring or just happen to not like it. It doesn't have to be THE GREATEST THING EVAR or complete utter garbage. I'll...
  2. SylvWolf

    Comment by 'SylvWolf' in 'What to buy...'

    Deus Ex today. I'd save the rest to see what's on sale over the next few days.
  3. SylvWolf

    Comment by 'SylvWolf' in 'Why So Much Hate?'

    At least he wasn't as mad as this guy:
  4. SylvWolf

    Comment by 'SylvWolf' in 'Guild's Suggested Games: PSP'

    Great list. If I had anything to add, it would be the Dept. Heaven ports (Riviera, Yggdra, KitN), Half Minute Hero, and the Star Ocean games (remake of 1, port of 2).
  5. SylvWolf

    Comment by 'SylvWolf' in 'Bought a DS light.'

    If you don't like DS games, get the PSP. It can do everything else way better.
  6. SylvWolf

    Portal 2 Amazon Sale

    So I don't how many of you, if any, follow Amazon's "Deal of the Day" thing, but they have pretty good stuff from time to time. It's mostly crap, but there's a few gems. Today it's Portal 2, and I think it's a great deal. Link Here $25 off the console versions, $20 off the PC version. I hadn't...
  7. SylvWolf

    Comment by 'SylvWolf' in 'What to get and a question.'

    This is why I stopped bothering with Gamestop/EBgames/FuncoLand a long time ago :lol:
  8. SylvWolf

    Comment by 'SylvWolf' in 'What to get and a question.'

    VC should still be around $20 as well. I picked it up for that a year ago, and it's on Amazon now for $25 new. Aside from that, Portal 2 most likely. Although if you're into 2D fighters, MvC3 might last longer for you. It all comes down to personal preference, really.
  9. SylvWolf

    Comment by 'SylvWolf' in 'Star Ocean: First Departure'

    In Star Ocean 3 at least, you could level over 100. I'm not sure what the actual cap was, and I never got past the 70's in SO4, but you can get pretty high. I never got that far in the PSP remakes, but I definitely need to go back and play through em.
  10. SylvWolf

    Comment by 'SylvWolf' in 'This Month = The Bomb.'

    One of my best friends went to a guys-only high school and he's fine. He's into chicks but doesn't go crazy over them like a lot of other people (I go to an engineering college). He's also the single most focused student I've ever seen, but that might be unrelated :lol:
  11. SylvWolf

    Comment by 'SylvWolf' in 'I haven't purchased Pokemon!'

    Amen on the gaming stuff. I loved Pokemon as a kid, but I can't seem to get into the newer games. The grinding is insane, and there are other games I'd rather spend the time on. Vanquish and Valkyria were both great games, although I wish Vanquish had sold a little better. EDIT: Correcting a...
  12. SylvWolf

    Comment by 'SylvWolf' in '3DS and Samurai Warriors just arrived'

    Always gotta love the Warriors series. As a long-time fan, I'd be interesting in opinions on the 3DS game. I haven't been a huge fan of any of the portable games so far (with the exception of Warriors Orochi, I suppose), so hopefully the 3DS game is pretty good.
  13. SylvWolf

    Comment by 'SylvWolf' in 'Just started 999'

    It's an original visual novel with some simple puzzle elements. I actually wasn't a big fan of the rooms, the story is quite amazing though. It's in the same style as the famous Ever17 (well, as famous as VNs get) and Remember11. Both are amazing reads if you liked 999.
  14. SylvWolf

    Comment by 'SylvWolf' in 'Goddamn video game industry'

    I fully intend to buy Vanquish, I just don't have the money right now. I don't know about others, but I can't wait to play it.
  15. SylvWolf

    Comment by 'SylvWolf' in 'So ya missed it when it came out or was popular'

    I think it's kinda unfair to compare a console game to a handheld game. You should be comparing Twilight Princess to Ocarina, and personally, I think TP's just as good as OoT. Uh, you probably didn't play very far. I can agree that 13 simply wasn't as good as the older games, but the gameplay...
  16. SylvWolf

    Comment by 'SylvWolf' in '3DS without the hype'

    Seriously, if you're going to insult everyone on a forum, you shouldn't really expect people to like you.
  17. SylvWolf

    Comment by 'SylvWolf' in 'Hide your sh*t!'

    Somebody called in a noise complaint at 10:45 on a Saturday night? I'm glad I don't go to your school :lol:
  18. SylvWolf

    Comment by 'SylvWolf' in 'Tales of the cutest girl ive ever met Part III'

    Nice job dude :grog: Oh and that part where you kissed her was smooth. Like, Keith Stone smooth.
  19. SylvWolf

    Comment by 'SylvWolf' in 'I bought Fallout 3'

    Just wander around and do side-quests. I've been almost everywhere in the game, it's so much fun.
  20. SylvWolf

    Comment by 'SylvWolf' in 'MMO reviews..'

    Uhh... you do know that they're still on the 80 cap? There was an expansion last month, and the cap's eventually gonna hit 99. Yes, 14 comes out at the end of the month, but there's still planned content for 11.
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