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  1. ItsmeAJ

    Hacking What damage PS4 HDD takes if it gets too much panic shutdowns?

    Recently somebody calls me a liar about PS4 hard drives getting bad sectors or die completely if it gets too much panic shutdowns by doing jailbreak. So what's really the hardware's damage from panic shutdowns your ps4s get if not the hard drives? I thought this was common knowledge with pc...
  2. ItsmeAJ

    Hardware There's a screw left after reassembling Wii

    Hi, Today I took apart my sister's Wii to clean it up for the first time after 10 years. I cleaned it and replaced thermal pad. However, there's a black screw left alone when I put the Wii back and I have no idea where it should be. This screw has the same length as of the long screw from the...
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