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    Homebrew RELEASE Chiaki (PS5 & PS4 remote play) homebrew

    I have a Switch with SX OS and a PS4 with FW 5.05. Every time when I try to register, it fails and the error code CE-35413-6 showed up. My PSN ID should be correct as I tried it with a Chaki Mac desktop version and it works like a charme. Furthermore I already tried with PINs without space. Can...
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    Hacking [Tool] Fusée Gelée Launcher for MacOS

    Yes I installed it as outlined on the GitHub but it didn't work for me. Now I tried a windows PC and it worked. Nethertheless thank you!
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    Hacking [Tool] Fusée Gelée Launcher for MacOS

    Please help! I tried to start the SX OS via a virtual Windows System on a Macbook Pro with the app TegraRcmGUI_v2.0 portable. I could inject the payload, but unfortunately the SX OS and the switch shows up a black screen. I tried the fusee-launcher master on Mac OS with payload of SX OS and got...
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