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    Hacking The Nintendo Switch SDK has been leaked

    Has anyone dug into the firmware update? Would be cool to dump it and see what's inside.
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    Wii #2240 - Def Jam: Rapstar (USA)

    Does this work with Wii speak?
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    Hacking "the data may not have been moved"

    Did you check if the channels really got deleted with anytitledeleter?
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    Hacking Possible to fix artifacts on your Wii yourself?

    what sort of artifacts are you guys referring to? can I see a screenshot? Also, how old are the wiis in question?
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    Hacking loading problems with dirt 2

    Put the disc back in your computer and use imgburn or some similar app to verify the iso was burned correctly, assuming you haven't erased the file yet. Also make sure you upgrade to the newest cios. On a side note, does anyone else find this game frustratingly impossible to control? I think...
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    Hacking Possiable ways to softmod the Wii

    Ok, I'm bumping this year old topic in light of bushing's new discovery. I'd like to know if anyone thinks it could be possible to send the debug dvd command to the drive after setting the appropriate registers from ios. Then maybe those who have a dvd drive that does bitsetting incorrectly or...
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    Hacking Gamecube USB Loader possble?

    hmm when I looked in this thread I was hoping to see some discussion involving bushing's newest post ("of TMD's and hardware") but I see none. It may be possible with some effort to create a Gamecube usb loader and a gamecube sd loader. It might even be possible to revive old projects that...
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    Gaming pokemon mystery dungeon (wiiware)

    it's already region freed. The error comes after the Japanese safety screen in an in-game dialog which sends me back to the Data Management screen of the Wii System Menu.
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    Gaming pokemon mystery dungeon (wiiware)

    I just installed the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Light for Wiiware which is in Japanese. When I start it up, I get some kind of error and get thrown back to the data management screen. This could be because the first time I ran it, the wii thought I had 0 blocks available. However, I now...
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    Hacking illegal Wad channels disappeared

    Well I guess it makes a little more sense now, but it still seems like a bit of a jerk move by crediar, if it is true. I had assumed he put some kind of anti-pirate protection into wadimport, but I guess he figures that people will just use Wad manager instead. I wonder how he checks if a...
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    Hacking A Special request....

    Oh ok, thx for the response. I guess the world will have to wait a little longer to see what Nintendo has in store...
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    Hacking A Special request....

    Just out of curiosity, did you have any troubles with the wad creator?
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    Hacking illegal Wad channels disappeared

    Some people have claimed that channels were deleted before, around the time the 4.0 update came out. Some people have even said that they were on 3.3 and had channels deleted. It could be a bug in the Wad Manager or IOS that removes corrupt channels or removes channels when it thinks a certain...
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    Hacking Anyone else bored?

    I thought it was impossible to load GC games from usb also. But then I saw a video from crediar where he runs a gamecube game on the wii with the processor clocked at wii speed. I guess someone would need to further hack the mios, possibly just implement the usb2 support that was already...
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    Hacking Pokemon Scramble error

    hmm, installed this on NTSC wii, SM 4.0... works fine. did u try launching it from homebrew using homebrew browser? I beat the first boss (an ivysaur) and unlocked the ability to play as him apparently. Looks like a fun game as soon as they release it in English. The funny thing is that there...
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    Wii #1388 - Vertigo (USA)

    I think you can play this without the wii balance board. Might not be as fun though...
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    Hacking Guitar Hero World Tour DLC Finally hacked!?

    To everyone who is oowing and awing about the possibility of a magic unlock of a few kilobytes which allow the download of all DLC, don't forget: they might still be able to lock you out from downloading anything for free from their store. It could be that OneUp (or whoever developed this)...
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    Hacking IceFire done with

    *insert marcan slam here* well marcan does get a little preachy when it comes to anything piracy/wad related. still if you're easily frustrated it's probably either best to avoid #wiidev, or avoid talking about anything close to their little black list, or use a proxy when you get banned hehe...
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    Wii #1360 - Diabolik: The Original Sin (Europe)

    @raylene2k7: did you dl this and make the video of it playing from disc or what? why the long load times between some doors? Also, the description states the language is English, but the language in the video appears to be Spanish.
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    Hacking cios rev12 any reason to update?

    Anyone know what the ffs and es plugins are for? I don't see a need to hack the e-ticket services any further, we can already install anything we want. Instead, I think the es plugin is the fix for new LU64 wiis. They likely search for the bugged code pattern when loading/running an ios, and...
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