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    Hacking Any good eBook/.pdf reader for the PSP?

    I'm gonna borrow a PSP Go from a friend, so I'll leave my NDS with my older brother (we live in different cities). The most of use I've got from my DS recently was from the amazing Ikureader homebrew that let me read eBooks in .txt and .fb2 format. I'm wondering if there's any PSP homebrew that...
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    ROM Hack Autospin cheat for Elite Beat Agents?

    There's an Autospin cheat for both Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 1 and 2. Elite Beat Agents, however, has none of those, be it in the USA or EUR version. (For the record, E and U version have a bit different cheats compiled, E having a bit more available) Anyone knows if there's a code that enables...
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    Gaming Picross 3D - Downloadable Content Saves

    Hello! I'll make this quick: I used to have Wi-Fi Connection for my DS. Now I don't! Bummer. A request: any tempers that play/played Picross 3D and keep backup save files with some (any!) downloadable content could share them with me? Doesn't matter if it is solved or not! As long as there are...
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    Homebrew Alternative for DS Organize

    I like the option of having a virtual to-do list in order to keep my chores properly done. I tried DS Organize but it's quite buggy and keeps crashing. Are there any other DS homebrew alternatives for Note keeping and that kind of stuff?
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    ROM Hack A small hack request for Picross DS

    Hello, everyone! I'll try to be brief: I haven't been using my DS much lately, but every now and then when I do have the time for it, I like to play my biggest addiction: Picross DS. The thing is that my D-Pad isn't what it used to be, and the "Down" direction is pretty messy. In Picross, for...
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