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  1. zombielove

    Eh, disappointed in the new shop.

    LOL. They opened a new store?! I'm still waiting for my order from November of last year....
  2. zombielove

    ShopTemp (V1) R.I.P.

    Great.... I finally ordered a new flashcart on November 20th, and it's still not here. I guess I've been fucked over.
  3. zombielove

    Gaming Evil virus need HELP!!!!!!!!

    You should have your files backed up. If not, back up any files you need then format the hard drive and reinstall the OS. Virus removal programs are useless.
  4. zombielove

    Hacking Will you still buy a 3DS if it can't be hacked?

    Without any speculation on the possibilities.... If you definitely can't pirate games, will you still buy one? Edit: Ok, made it into a poll.
  5. zombielove

    Gaming Henry Hatsworth

    Great game. It's refreshing to have a bit of challenge. Has anyone got a good strategy? I'm currently stuck on the boss on 3-5 (the nurse). It took me so long to get a rhythm going for the first part... Then the fight goes underwater and I just die. The thing that messes me up is the pills she...
  6. zombielove

    DS #3537: Valkyrie Profile Covenant of the Plume (USA)

    It's not bad. I love the VP battle system. VP on the PS1 was flawed but fun. There were some good little stories in there. So far this dialogue is just boring me though... I hate going into towns and just having to skip through text, then off to the next battle. I wish I could walk around in a...
  7. zombielove

    Edge DS Firmware v1.44 Released

    3396... Does that mean we don't have to use the anti anti piracy cheat for DQV now? Edit: Just loaded and saved my game without the cheat on, so I guess so.
  8. zombielove

    Gaming March will be amazing for the DS

    I would be looking forward to Pokemon Platinum, but it's just going to be ruined by pokedex. What's the point in playing?
  9. zombielove

    DS #3396: Dragon Quest: The Hand of the Heavenly Bride (Europe)

    Should I play IV or V first? Which story is more epic?
  10. zombielove

    Gaming Nintendo DS

    Legend of Kage 2
  11. zombielove

    Gaming 3D Hack-and-Slash Games?

    Legend of Kage 2. It's not 3D, but it's good.
  12. zombielove

    DS #2872: Zenses: Ocean Edition (USA)

    Nice boxart. Sounds like it's worth a look.
  13. zombielove

    What are your views on gay marriage?

    *snip It wasn't as sordid as you make it sound. Lol! You sound like a Christian or something! Hahaha. I haven't studied the Greeks much, I'm more familiar with Japanese culture, but it was pretty much the same kind of relationship, I think. In ancient Japanese society, most high-ranking...
  14. zombielove

    What are your views on gay marriage?

    I sure hope not! "In 1992, alarmed over claims made during a campaign for an anti-gay state constitutional amendment in Colorado, two physicians reviewed every case of suspected child molestation evaluated at Children's Hospital in Denver over a one-year period. Of the 269 cases determined...
  15. zombielove

    What are your views on gay marriage?

    *facepalm* Please read more Dawkins. I'm going to play DS.
  16. zombielove

    What are your views on gay marriage?

    Ok, now this is something we can work with. Ok first of all - 10 commandments. Most of these are common for any society. Do not steal. Don't kill people. Pretty basic stuff. It sounds to me like you're claiming that these laws actually came from the Bible. And just to be clear are we talking...
  17. zombielove

    What are your views on gay marriage?

    I have nothing to prove. I'm not making a claim such as you, merely refuting your illogic. The burden of proof lies on you. Your sources have convinced me of nothing. If you have a serious case, state it clearly so that I may challenge it. Sorry to use a personal attack, but did you say your...
  18. zombielove

    What are your views on gay marriage?

    *snip I know... I guess I'm dreaming. I just think the world would be a better place if people just admitted they were wrong sometimes, apologised and got on with their lives instead of making excuses and digging deeper and deeper holes for themselves. I don't mind admitting when I'm wrong...
  19. zombielove

    What are your views on gay marriage?

    Ok, you've now resorted to personal attacks, and claims that you don't need to prove your asinine opinions. So, is this the part where you admit you were wrong?
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