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    Homebrew TWLbf - a tool to brute force DSi Console ID or EMMC CID

    Nice tool, with some effort I got it working on Linux too. I'm pretty impatient though, any way to make bfCL use all 8 of my 1080 Tis? Right now it's only using one. EDIT: nvm, just realized I can do it the same way as for multiple CPU threads.
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    Gaming Lost Magic (WTF?)

    Yeah, that game was one of my first, and still is one of my favorites. Even though the story may not have been superb, I eventually played hard mode around 10 times I believe. (Well I had cheats at first )
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    What? DealWoot is evolving! *Update*

    hmm, I think this name is better than dealwoot, also, I hope they have those luminated Wii's soon.
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    Air Gear

    This skin was made by a friend of me, hope you like it.
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    Blaze and others

    My first skin, I hope you like it.
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