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  1. dewgong

    Gaming DSTWO and Pokemon

    Hi, guys. I don't know where to post this but I was playing Pokemon Black on my DSTWO up until 4th Gym with no problems. Then all of a sudden I noticed I wasn't gaining any experience at all. I'm trying to play through Pokemon White now to see if it stops gaining experience at some point.
  2. dewgong

    Hacking Acekard 2 died on me

    So I was wondering where I can buy these real cards safely? Do you guys know?
  3. dewgong

    Hacking Acekard 2 died on me

    Wow, that sounds really good. I guess I can wait. Thanks for the suggestions~
  4. dewgong

    Hacking Acekard 2 died on me

    It's an Acekard 2.1. I tried the paper trick but it didn't work. I'm looking for a new flash cart, which one do you recommend? $30 and below is okay. I want a flash cart that doesn't feel as flimsy as the Acekard 2.1. It would be nice if it comes with the features in Acekard like it can boot GBA...
  5. dewgong

    Hacking Acekard 2 died on me

    Hey everybody, so yesterday I turned on my DS Lite and found that the Acekard 2 has probably died on me. When I got past the safety warning screen, I'm prompt to choose between DS, Pictochat, blah blah, and GBA, but the DS slot had no text or icon, but I can still select it. So I selected it...
  6. dewgong

    Gaming Parking Games for DS

    I was trying to look for that a few weeks ago, but I went with real-life parking though. I ended up passing the road test on the first try~ No go out and park.
  7. dewgong

    Hacking Screen flickering white during sleep mode

    This has happened to me before, I'm pretty sure it's the rom that's the problem as not all games do this.
  8. dewgong

    Hardware Replacement Housing Case for GBA GameBoy Advanced SP

    i did it once when i was 14 didnt know much about electronics and never had a guide so i messed up lol now the screen has weird lines on them and the backlit isnt very bright don't do it unless you get a guide
  9. dewgong

    Hacking M3 Sakura on r4ds

    i dont think it can do that sorry
  10. dewgong

    Hacking [SKIN] areao4.2

    great theme =) thank you
  11. dewgong

    Hacking [SKIN] areao4.2

    yea, why does the ndstheme website take forever to load? or does it work at all? maybe it's down? nice theme btw =)
  12. dewgong

    Hacking Problem with Sleep Mode

    my suggestion is to download the newest kernel, hope it helps
  13. dewgong

    Hacking changing the language

    YAY! it worked thx so much how did u do it again? put the english firmware in the patch and patch it to chinese? or the other way around? thx so much again!
  14. dewgong

    Hacking changing the language

    i have a simplified chinese R4 and i really want to patch it to english is there a program that lets me patch 1.14? if so please post it here I dont know if this has been posted a million times but thx in advance
  15. dewgong

    Hardware SanDisk 4G Pro Duo stick at BB this BF for $34.99

    is it only online or can u buy it there?
  16. dewgong

    Gaming FFTA2 help

    well for the bishop one if there are green malboros on the map to start with, then u have to kill 4 of them ps killing other stuff will help them spawn
  17. dewgong

    Hacking Sleep mode

    it happened to me before but with trauma center:under the knife i was scared so i deleted it from the memory card
  18. dewgong

    Hacking 1.11 firmware

    I dont know if it's the 1.11's problem but the taiko drumming game's multiplayer is not working for me and i cant play pokemon pearl japanese version cuz it just turned black then i have to shut it down. P.S. A few other games' download play didnt work either
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