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    Homebrew Black screen when running Homebrew Launcher Channel

    Launching the Mii Maker app again after running the exploit through the browser does indeed re-launch the Homebrew Launcher. I looked at Plailect's guide again, and it has changed a bit since I followed it in December. It now says to use Homebrew Launcher 1.4 instead of 1.3. This means I can...
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    Homebrew Black screen when running Homebrew Launcher Channel

    Yes, I am launching the browser exploit every time. I start the Wii U and go to the Internet Browser. I run the exploit which launches Homebrew Launcher 1.3. From there I launch Mocha CFW. I then press the home button, which brings me to the Mii Maker. I close the Mii Maker, then I launch...
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    Homebrew Black screen when running Homebrew Launcher Channel

    I'm not using a DS game. I am using the browser exploit and Mocha CFW. I installed the Homebrew Launcher Channel with WUP installer as described in Plailect's guide.
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    Homebrew Black screen when running Homebrew Launcher Channel

    When I try to launch the Homebrew Launcher Channel from the Wii U Menu, I get a black screen after the Homebrew Launcher splash screen. I then have to hold the power button until the Wii U turns off. My Wii U is on 5.5.1U and I followed Plailect's guide. This happened the first time I tried...
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    Tutorial Block Wii U System Updates (Without DNS Blocking!)

    Does this block all updates, or just system updates? In other words, after doing this and removing the DNS, will I be able to get game updates? I apologize if this has already been answered.
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    Hardware My brother's 2DS broke

    My 2DS was doing something very similar. I would press the power button and the power light would come on for about a second then it would go off. I did not get a speaker pop. Charging did not help. Today I decided to try popping out the SD card and turning it on. To my surprise it turned on to...
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    Homebrew HaxxStation: DS Download Station exploit

    Reminds me of this.
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    Just got a modded Xbox

    No, it always booted into the stock dashboard.
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    Just got a modded Xbox

    Actually, I think it's an Xecuter 2. With the console off, I flipped the black switch and the led on the panel turned from red to green. Where the Microsoft logo usually is, under the Xbox logo, it now says "XECUTER2". I tried turning on all 4 switches one by one, one at a time, but it didn't...
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    Just got a modded Xbox

    Today I got an original Xbox at a garage sale for $20. It has some sort of mod chip installed. I also got an original duke controller with it, as well as a modded type s controller. I'm not sure what mod chip is it. On the front of the console, there is a small blue box with 4 small white...
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    Homebrew Retroarch Emulation Thread (Nightly Builds Included)

    I have been trying to get the DosBox core working on my 2DS. When I launch the DosBox cia, it just hangs at the 3DS screen. I copied the retroarch folder to the root of the SD card, and installed the DosBox and retroarch cias with FBI. What am I doing wrong?
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    Tutorial How to use a Keyboard/Controller on your 3DS using kit-kat

    A PSP Go with FuSa GamePad works. No modifications to the configuration for InputRedirection or FuSa GamePad configuration required. Just make sure it's in analog mode (PSP WLAN switch off) instead of digital mode, otherwise the dpad on the PSP will act as the circle pad on the 3DS and the...
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    Hacking Updating to 11.3 without A9LH

    It's mostly because I'm paranoid. I'm aware that there are legal torrents and that they can be used for legal things. I don't use CFW for piracy, my 2DS is hacked for homebrew. I only play games I legally own, mostly on cartridge. I don't use emulators either.
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    Hacking Updating to 11.3 without A9LH

    I'll be honest, I don't want to install A9LH because it requires downloading things via torrent. I don't feel comfortable doing anything with torrents.
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    Hacking Updating to 11.3 without A9LH

    I have a 2DS with a 9.0.0-20U Sysnand and a 11.2.0-35U Emunand. I am using Luma3DS CFW. I do NOT have A9LH installed, nor do I plan to install it. I read that it's impossible to update to 11.3 if you don't have A9LH. I have also read that 11.3 works fine if you use the latest Luma3DS. My...
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    Homebrew [Release] Halo Revamped Port!

    What if I already have ctrQuake installed? Can I rename the ctrQuake folder for Halo Revamped to something else? Or do I have to extract the ctrQuake folder for Halo Revamped into my existing ctrQuake folder?
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    Hacking [GUIDE] Hack your Wii U in less than 1 minute without a computer!

    Can my Wii U get banned from doing this?
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    Homebrew [RELEASE] ctrQuake - Quake 1 port

    I'm confused about installing mods. I know you put the mod folder in the same directory as ctrQuake.3dsx and make the shortcut XML file, but where does it go? Does shortcut XML file go in the mod folder or the root of the ctrQuake folder? After you create the shortcut file, it's supposed to...
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    Hacking [RELEASE] ScummVM

    Does this port support Humongous Entertainment games?
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    Homebrew R4 Stage2 TWL Flashcart Launcher(and perhaps other cards soon™)....

    I found my DSONEi that's been missing for years today. I updated it to work on my 1.4.5u DSi. Can one of these be made for the DSONEi so I can use it on my 2DS? I'd rather use the DSONEi than my original R4.
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