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    Hacking Viable free solution for 11.6.0-39E?

    Hi, I've just bought an used Old 2ds which is currently on 11.6.0-39E. Obviously I wanna bust it wide open, and after having consulted the guide site I've initially concluded there are 2 options available: ntrboot, which requires a flashcart, and hardmod, which requires busting the device wide...
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    ROM Hack Applying two patches at the same time on the same ROM - possible?

    Hi there, I figure this might be a pretty noobish question, but still. I'm trying to get my Inazuma Eleven 2 Firestorm ROM AP-patched (with that DS-Scene tool) and Remaster-patched (with xdelta). Now I've tried this sequentially, and it didn't seem to work. I've tried first applying the AP patch...
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    Homebrew VBAGX won't install properly

    Hi, greetings from the freshest newbie here :) (I suppose). Ok, first I'd like to provide you guys with some of my background info: I'm definitely one of the ultimate noobs out there in the Wii modding and homebrew scene, hence my virtually nonexistent knowledge of the whole thing. Though...
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