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    Hacking XCI Game Failed To Install

    I tried installing an XCI game via TinWoo and I got this error: Failed to install Spyro.xci OpenFileSystemWithID:122: Failed to open file system with id: @SdCardContent://registered/000000E1/3f56cbfc2a6f423c13b75d28b53b9c85.nca Error code: 0x00234c02 What does that mean? I don't think...
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    Hacking Question Do I need to link a Nintendo account to enable GPDR protection?

    I was trying to enable GPDR protection like what the switch guide said here: It says "Users with EU Nintendo Network accounts have the option of enabling GDPR protections in their...
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    Hacking Question Screen goes black after injecting Hekate (USB Problem?)

    Hi, I followed the switch guide up to here: My system is unpatched and vulnerable to fusee-gelee. It's serial begins with: XAJ400 and the Switch system version is 10.1.0. I downloaded Atmosphere (Hekate) (v0.17.1/2021.01.14) and Hekate...
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    Hacking Question Can inject hekate_ctcaer_5.0.0 but get errors with version 5.5.3

    Hi, I followed the instructions. My Switch is vulnerable to fusee-gelee as confirmed by the test payload I sent. I downloaded SDSetup and chose "Recommended Defaults" and ticked Hekate 5.5.3. I extracted the zip iand copied the SD folder into the root folder on the SD...
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    Gaming Why do games in scrubbed pack have duplicates?

    Delete thread please. I solved the problem.
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    Hacking How do I get 2 FAT32 Partitions on a 4TB Drive?

    So I read that it's best to use FAT32 for compatibility reasons but when I format my drive to FAT32 with Windows Disk Management or other programs, it will only format 1 partition to 2TB FAT32. The remaining space will not let me format it. How can I get 2 partitions? Also I read about a few...
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