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  1. IsaOfTheWorlds

    Nick is releasing a Smash Bros. clone called Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

    I see a lot of negativity in this post, and I'm not sure why? Nick reached out to and licensed Ludocity, a small indie dev team who already released a fairly successful Smash-like platform fighter called Slap City. They've already shown themselves to be competent developers, so I'm definitely...
  2. IsaOfTheWorlds

    Gaming Mario 3D Allstars - Crashing issue

    --This post has been deleted by the user--
  3. IsaOfTheWorlds

    The Best of 35 Years - Mario's Greatest Genre Adventures

    Two days ago on September 14th, the plumbing paragon of platforming Super Mario himself celebrated his 35th birthday. Leading up to the festivities, Nintendo shadow-dropped a "Direct" stream focusing exclusively on upcoming Mario games. In the Direct, Nintendo unveiled a port of Super Mario 3D...
  4. IsaOfTheWorlds


    Fairytales and fantasy have always been about escape. Likewise, video games are a modern take on the idea of escapism media. The ability to transport oneself into another world--even another body. It is a comforting sensation to take on the role of a powerful hero. When this idea of safety and...
  5. IsaOfTheWorlds

    Homebrew Discussion Egg NS, a Switch emulator for Android devices

    The Switch isn't half as weak as trying to bait people on every vaguely Nintendo-related post, though.
  6. IsaOfTheWorlds

    Gaming Nexomon: Extinction

    Back in 2017, the original Nexomon title released to iOS and Android devices. It was met with fairly positive reception, with many calling it a successful, if not somewhat simple, mobile alternative to the monster-gaming giant, Pokemon. October 2019, however, saw a trailer for a PC/console...
  7. IsaOfTheWorlds

    [UPDATE] Epic Games to sue Apple and Google

    I believe Epic is entitled to all the money they get from the games they make, but if they don't want to give Apple a 30% cut they shouldn't agree to the Apple ToS that demands that 30% cut. I barely had any sympathy for Epic when they willfully broke a ToS they agreed and then acted surprised...
  8. IsaOfTheWorlds

    Hardware Anyone think that Sony should make a new handheld

    Same thing as everyone else in the thread said. 'd be cool if they ditched proprietary memory and actually got second-/third-party support for it. If they can't manage that, I'm not sure I'd want a PlayStation Micro.
  9. IsaOfTheWorlds

    Mom and Sis want to buy me a dressing gown for my birthday

    Guys can wear whatever they like. But also, have you never watched "A Christmas Carol?" Ebenezer Scrooge spends the whole movie in a nightgown.
  10. IsaOfTheWorlds

    [UPDATE] 'Fortnite' removed from the App Store and Google Play Store

    Just because they don't need the money doesn't mean they aren't entitled to it. The 30% cut is absolutely ludicrous.
  11. IsaOfTheWorlds

    Smash Ultimate gets 8.1.0 update

    I can't wait to try the Battlefield version of Small Battlefield. This is what the people asked for.
  12. IsaOfTheWorlds

    Homebrew Super Mario 64 Port

    I dunno, isn't a patched copy of SM64DS that supports gyro better?
  13. IsaOfTheWorlds

    Webcomic Temper Tantrums #62 - L is REAL

    Things heating' up in the Temper Tantrums fandom.
  14. IsaOfTheWorlds

    Hardware Do your joycons still work?

    They have conned me out of my joy.
  15. IsaOfTheWorlds

    Comment by 'IsaOfTheWorlds' in 'Learning chinese'

    @x65943 Best of luck! However, something I've learned is that Duolingo is incredibly flawed in teaching Asian languages in particular. What it promotes as "spaced repetition study" is actually more just jamming your head full of canned phrases. I understand that Duolingo is appealing because...
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