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    hombrew Lancher without browzer

    I have a problem I don't know how to do hombrew Lancher without an internet connection I am under fw5.5.5 EUR region
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    Homebrew Unity for the wiiu (Motion Detection)

    Hi everyone I couldn't set the wiimote motion detection detection in Unity2017 for Wiiu I tried the Doccumentation like this using UnityEngine; using WiiU = UnityEngine.WiiU; WiiU.Remote remote0; WiiU.Remote remote1; void Start() { // Create Wii Remote objects using...
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    Hacking how to lanch games without CFW

    hi everyone is there any way to install (wup .app games), without having to run my cfw mocha Indexiine again
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    Homebrew how to use the appropriate Unity wii u files rpx

    Hello to all I have a big problem with launching my Unity game for the wii u with LoadiineGX2 because I get a black screen I heard that it was necessary to set up the good files code content meta with its appropriate files I ask you a summary for that
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    Hacking Browser problem cfw wiiu

    greetings to all I have a problem with my wiiu browser that freezes like this and I can't do anything but turn it back on and try again but before that i did the Indexxine hack after formatting my console i have this problem
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    Hacking how to make Sigs Patch Wiiu for Mocha

    hi everyone I am a beginner on the wii u hack, and I want to know how to read my Hombrew Unity decrypted I have only Mocha in my wii u when i test my game (code, content, meta) on Loadiing i have a black screen and then i have to force the console to shut down to restart it I heard that I...
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    Hacking SOS Problem Rednand Mocha

    Hi everyone I have a problem I can no longer do my rednand under Mocha CFW Indexiine, the Problem is that my SD card does not format anymore, I have no haxchi and I am under frimware 5.5.4
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    Homebrew how to know if his rednand is a = 1

    hi everyone I have a big problem I'm under cfw mocha Indexiine and I want to know how to install a rednand is I want to know the state of my rednand if is the e a = 1 or 0
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    Hacking Indexine Mocha CFW = rednand (compatibility)

    greetings to all I installed the cfw Indexine mocha and I want to make a rednand, I'm under Firmware 5.5.4 and I don't know how to set it up, brick risk = precaution what is the solution for this case
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    Hacking Indexiine wii u no install not completed

    hi everyone I followed this Hack has it with its "Indexxine" archive included in the video description. I'm under Firmware 5.5.4, but when I launch my browser for the Last Step it freezes, and I have to turn off my console to continue using it.
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    Hacking black screen in Unity rxp (cfw)

    hi everyone I followed this tutorial and I have my .rpx extracted from the folder with this .py file from this topic. so I created a folder under the name of my project and put it in the games folder in my SDcard for to start my game...
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    Hardware psvr on Nintendo switch

    hi everyone I don't have PS4, but on the other hand I want to buy a psvr to connect it to the Nintendo Switch, it works without ps4. Can the PC replace the PS4
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    Hacking how to create a DVD Game Wii backup

    Hi everyone I would like to burn a DVD of this game "Code Lyoko : Plongez vers l'infini" I tried several times but I noticed tha I have a problem with GameID, My wii informed me that it needs this ID
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    Hacking sd partition show emunand SXCORE

    Hi everybody 1- I made my emunand under SXCORE, and when I want to transfer my games to PC I only have the emunand partition which is detected on my pc 2- and how do I know that my emunand is working very well
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    Hacking Sxcore 2.4 cfw5.1.0

    Hi all I have an sxcore 2.4 on a switch patched and I am using firmware 5.1.0, and I want to update this firmware with choidujournx , and I have trouble doing it because of the brick, and I do not know what I Must do
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    Hacking hekate+ atmosphere problem with SXcore

    Hi all I made a backup of my emunand and I want to check it under atmosphere I have copied the fusee-primary.bin payload and I run it from hekate's Payload but nothing is displayed on my screen
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    Hacking emunand USB SXcore

    Hi all hekate allows to restore the emunand directly with USB Is not risk for update frimware on a switch console patched under SX core
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    Gaming how to switch to another update underSXcore cfw

    Hello everyone I can update my hacker switch under SXcore under frimware 5.1.0 for a more recent update to be able to install the .Nsp not signed but is there a solution to be able to return to this frimware 5.1.0 in my switch is patched and hacked under modchip
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    Gaming zelda and mario odyssey VR update problem NSP cfw

    Hello everyone I have 1- Super Mario Odyssey and 2- zelda breath of the wild that works well , but I want to update them in VR via cfw under Frimware 5.1.0 under Sxcore switch patcher I tried an update to version 1.3.0 but it won't start anymore and I click on ok to return to Home, my...
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    Hacking how to format sd card under SXcore

    hi everyone I want to know how to put my memory card on the Exfat system in my switch patched under Hack SXcore
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